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Need to give a dramatic boost to your awesome costume? Want to have the edge over the competition? Then look no further! A whole world of costumes open up to you when using anime coloured lenses, from subtle yet effective style, right up to dramatic, big eye looks, just what you need to get those heads turning! Not only do they look great, but our fashion special effect lenses are a budget friendly, safe and effective way to easily add drama and flair to your killer outfit.

Coloured contacts will bring a whole new life to your anime ensemble while adding an over the top theatrical element to your costume. Crazy flashes of color and vivid sparkles are guaranteed to give your eyes a truly unique and customized look that match your taste or mood. Whether it be the perfect Halloween outfit, a Cosplay creation or for a special night out on the town, anime fashion lenses are the ultimate accessory!

We stock a wide array of brands and fresh options making it easy to stylize your creative look. Our ultimate coloured contacts are designed with rich pigment and hues that work perfectly every time, even for dark eyes. Specialized technology that completely covers the iris of your eye in a film of bold, vivid color makes our lenses the best on the market for those with dark eyes. With so many extreme colours to choose from, you will be amazed at how our sfx lenses will compliment all skin tones. For fair skin, these lenses are the perfect way to make your look sparkle and pop!

Anime special effect lenses are easy to use and have many options to suit your needs ranging from 1 day, 30 day, 90 day and even up to one year usage options! No need for a prescription, these coloured contacts are designed to be worn comfortably and will not impact your vision. These halloween, for dark eyes, for fair skin, special effect, prescription, cosplay, flexible choices are so affordable that you don’t have to torture yourself by only selecting one kind! Try a special one for your scary Halloween look and have a selection of everyday styles on hand for spur-of-the-moment fun.

Super Cool Styles

Novelty lenses will provide a mysterious and magical look for your eyes. Our wide variety of safe lenses are of the highest quality and safety standards. We only stock items from reputable, luxury brands such as Eyefusion, so that you have the assurance of purchasing from a well known manufacturer. What's more, our full range of anime lenses have been produced in accordance to ISO guidelines and have been approved for use by the FDA, giving you extra piece of mind.

It is always recommended to consult with an eye care professional prior to using anime coloured lenses. Making sure to always wash your hands when putting in and taking out your contacts will keep them clean and fresh for the duration their recommended life cycle. Lenses should only be worn for a maximum of 8 hours at a time and stored at room temperature.

Unlike when you shop through third party marketplace sites, when you purchase your anime lenses from Coloured Contacts, you can be assured you are receiving a safe and quality product each and every time. Our softcomfortable lenses come packaged in sterile isotonic solution and contain a high water content to ensure enjoyable, long lasting wear.

Great Quality, Low Prices

To turn heads and attract the attention you deserve, check out our best-selling anime style lenses. Ranging from the ultimately creepy Black Full Sclera lens that will send shivers up people’s spines; to our UV Reactive line that will light up the darkest night! Show off your spooky style with a pair of Skull lenses, the perfect added touch for that scary Halloween costume. For a futuristic, spellbinding look, the Prism Hypnotise lenses come with a spellbindingly monochromatic style will have you mesmerizing everyone that you pass by.

Need a spooky stare? Our vibrant Pink i-Glow lenses reacts to UV light for an ultra bright gleam that will illuminate the room! These stunningly coloured, comfortable wear contacts have such a feature rich pigment that even dark eyes will be instantly transformed. Want to just change your appearance for fun or have an easy makeover? The Poison Purple colored contacts will have you sporting a regal purple gaze that you can use over and over for a month and is absolutely stunning on all skin types, including fair skin. For a true rock star touch, our collection of cat's eye lenses will add some serious feline ferociousness to your strut.

Regardless of which style of anime contacts you choose, our entire line of quality lenses are non prescription. The options are endless! We carry a huge variety of single use colored contacts, which is the perfect item to have on hand to add some last minute sizzle to your look. For a special occasion accessory, the Mini Sclera style lenses combine a hint of dangerous devilry with a splash of mischievousness magnificence. People will be captivated trying to figure out the thoughts behind your stunning eyes!

Ready to hit the club? Don’t leave without putting in our Black Spiral Hypnotise fashion lenses. Totally geared to get the party started and the dance floor under your spell! If you just want a splash of color for some added thrill, the single use. Explosive Contacts comes in red, yellow and blue to give you a fiery edge. The best part about 1 Day contacts? No need to mess with cleaning and solutions. When your night is finished, so is the lens! Just take out and throw away. Always make sure to have a few options on hand, so you always have the perfect anime touch for those epic nights on the town!

With over 20 years experience in selling the latest trends in fashion lenses, you can trust Coloured Contacts for all your anime lens needs. A full range of styles that allow you to naturally enhance your current eye color or to create a seriously dramatic, gruesome transformation, we have it all. No other online retailer offers the product quality or selection that we provide. Our superior Customer Service team is always available via telephone or email to help you with selection, answer questions and assist you through each and every step of your ordering process. You can always rest assured that with each purchase, we guarantee quality, safety tested, reliable fashion contacts that are manufactured from our hand selected, industry leading brands which we are extremely proud to offer.