Natural Looking Contacts: A Gallery Of Natural Styles

Natural Looking Contacts: A Gallery Of Natural Styles

You may have only considered fashion contact lenses for creating creepy Halloween looks, funky party styles and cute anime characters but there is plenty of fun to be found in creating a new persona using Natural Looking Contacts. With everything from coloured contact lenses for dark eyes to enhanced natural lenses, we are sure you will find something that ticks all the right boxes.

In this little list, we have gathered some of our favourite natural contact lenses UK to show you how much a pair of contact lenses can change your appearance. The colour of our eyes and hair paired with our complexion is likely to influence the colour clothing and makeup we wear. We want to find the colour that makes the most of our natural attributes. However, you can influence certain aspects of your appearance. Have you ever dyed your hair? Changing eye colour has a similar effect to this and can give you the perfect excuse to find new clothes to try out.

Baby Blue Contacts

We often get asked if natural blue contacts for brown eyes will fully cover your natural eye colour. Most of our customers love their new blue eyed look and can enjoy it without other colour flecks showing through. This is because all our lenses are made with high quality pigmentation to ensure you get the best results. Instagrammer @emilinalove shows off our Blue Mystic Two Tone Coloured Contact Lenses paired with an awesome indigo blue hair colour!

@lindsayh_model took her new colour to the next level with a pair of Purple Violet Mystic Two Tone Coloured Contact Lenses. Just like Emilina, she has matched her new contact lenses with her hair colour. This awesome purple duo is absolutely gorgeous. To take it one step further you can even match your eyebrows to your new colour, just like Lindsay! While these aren’t the most natural coloured contacts for dark eyes, they are definitely the most fun.

Brown Eyed Gals

Instagrammer @anna.pandorica shows how a pair of brown coloured contacts can make you look seriously sophisticated. These also come as natural coloured contacts prescription in a similar design, giving you the opportunity to really switch up your look! Ditch your specs and enjoy being centre of attention with your alluring new eye colour.

She isn’t the only one to get creative with these lenses. @natzbuzz transformed herself into ultra-stylish Kat Von D and we must admit we had to do a double take! Our most natural coloured contacts brand can help you to match your favourite celeb for a themed party or fancy dress event.

Our final Instagrammer has taken an unusual eye colour and totally made it her own. @manii_mua featured our Grey Mystic Two Tone Coloured Contact Lenses with a dramatic green eyeshadow. If you are looking for a natural eye colour that is more unusual be sure to check out grey and natural green contact lenses. These are two fairly uncommon colours sure to help you stand out from the crowd.

If you are feeling inspired be sure to search our website. You can search by category so you can choose between natural coloured contacts non prescription and prescription. We would love to see your natural looks using our contact lenses so why not send us a picture on FacebookTwitter and Instagram? Do you have any suggestions for cute makeup looks to pair with natural looking contacts? Be sure to share your ideas with us too.

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Natural Looking Contacts: A Gallery Of Natural Styles

Natural Looking Contacts: A Gallery Of Natural Styles

Check Out Our Gallery Of Natural Styles For Inspiration On Natural Looking Lenses. These Instagrammers Have Created Awesome Looks!

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