So Verwendest Du Kontaktlinsen: Ein Video-Tutorial Mit Lady Paradoxx

So Verwendest Du Kontaktlinsen: Ein Video-Tutorial Mit Lady Paradoxx

Whether it’s your first time trying coloured contact lenses, or you just want to refresh your knowledge on safety and usage we have everything here in one place. We’ve teamed up with Monica Cardenas aka Lady Paradoxx who has created a video guide to bring your lens safety up to scratch and give you a flying start with your costume.

As we’re sure you’re aware, safety is a number one priority for us at Coloured Contacts. Although you may think you know everything there is to know in regards to using and wearing your costume contact lenses, we recommend giving this video a watch all the way through. This video doesn’t just focus on safety, but also how to clean and maintain your contact lenses so that you can use them for their full intended duration! Besides, you may even pick up some tips, tricks or inspiration from Monica in your next costume! 

How To Prepare Your Coloured Contacts

When you’ve ordered a pair of costume or natural contact lenses from us you can receive them in either a pair of vials or blister packs. This doesn’t make any difference to the lenses, however be aware that both of these types, and ALL contact lenses should be properly cleaned before use. In the tutorial you can see that Lady Paradoxx carefully fills a contact lens case with solution before gently submerging the lenses.

You may be thinking “Why Do I Need To Soak My Lenses Again?”, well let us tell you. Although it may seem strange that your lenses must be left to soak after being packaged in a sterile filled container, it is important to use a premium lens solution in order to safely disinfect the contact lenses. This ensures that they are comfortable to wear and clean for your first use. The saline solution that is packaged with your lenses keeps them sterile, however we recommend a soaking your lenses in contact lens solution for a minimum of 2 hours in order to neutralise them ready for use; this especially important if you are a first time user or you have sensitive eyes.

Colourd Contact Lenses Solution, Cleaning & Care,  Health Safety

To find out more about the Coloured Contacts Premium Contact Lens Solution, please click here.

How To Insert Your Coloured Contact Lenses

Now for the sometimes tricky bit, inserting the contact lenses! If you’re a seasoned pro at putting in your lenses then this won’t be an issue, but if this is your first time it’s always handy to have plenty of practice before the day you wish to wear the lenses.

Once you’ve washed your hands it’s time to put in the contacts. As seen in the video, Monica recommends placing the contact lens on the end of your index finger, while ensuring it is the right way up. If the contact lens is the correct way up, it’ll look something like the image below and should resemble a perfect bowl shape. Before inserting the lens Monica recommends that you pull down your lower eye-lid to make insertion easier. When putting in the lens we recommend slowly placing the lens upon your eye. When you’re certain it is on your eye correctly a couple of slow blinks should help centre the lens on your iris; and that’s it!

How To Put In Coloured Contacts, Cosmetic Contact Lens Tips

Although the video makes it seem very simple, don’t be worried if you’re finding it difficult to get the lenses in, sometimes it requires a little practice. If you do require any further advice we always recommend speaking to a registered optician, they will know exactly what is right for your eyes. 

When removing the lenses, it's important to be gentle. Lightly pinch the bottom of the contact lenses with your middle and index finger, and the lenses should lightly lift off your eye. See the image of Lady Paradoxx below.

How To Remove Contacts For Beginners, Remove Contacts Easily

Be aware that all of our lenses are FDA Approved, Safe & Comfortable for everyday use. Before you pick your perfect pair of costume contact lenses, be sure to read our Health & Safety Information here.

Meet @ladyparadoxx

If you know anything about professional makeup artists, you will be well aware of Lady Paradoxx’s talents. With the ability to transform herself in to an array of creative costumes with the use of her makeup brush and coloured contacts, we’re proud to have her as an affiliate.

If you enjoyed her tutorial, we’re more than sure that you’ll love the rest of her work. With Halloween season approaching, Ladyparadoxx’s creations are sure to inspire your next look! Check out some of her recent posts below, and head over to her social media accounts. 

Ladyparadoxx: Makeup Artist


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So Verwendest Du Kontaktlinsen: Ein Video-Tutorial Mit Lady Paradoxx

So Verwendest Du Kontaktlinsen: Ein Video-Tutorial Mit Lady Paradoxx

Wir haben uns mit der professionellen Make-up-Künstlerin @LadyParadoxx zusammengetan, um dieses Video-Tutorial zur Verwendung von Kontaktlinsen zu erstellen. Finde heraus, wie du deine farbigen...

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