Get A Sweet Style with Honey Coloured Contact Lenses

Get A Sweet Style with Honey Coloured Contact Lenses


We all love indulging in some sweet things from time to time. Everyone knows that Honey always triumphs as a delicious way to get your sugar fix. We love to just think about the gorgeous golden liquid being spread over pancakes or toast. If you’re like us and have your eyes set on something sweet then the latest craze in coloured contact lenses may just have you jumping for joy. Honey Coloured Contact Lenses are a Hazel eye colour that looks really good in natural looking contact lenses. Not only do we have the natural honey eye contacts that are on trend. We have been inspired to add to the honey craze with some of our bright and novelty coloured contacts.

We’ve been busy little bees looking through our extensive collection of contact lenses to find the perfect options so you don’t have to. So check out this list of lenses compiled by us to suit your honey colour desires.

Honey Hazel Contact Lenses

Honey Hazel Contacts

The warming brown orange glow of honey can be very soothing to see and these lenses will definitely have the same warming effect on everyone who sees them. A pair of our Hazel Coloured Contact lenses is all you need to get the honey colour effect. One option is the One Tone Hazel lenses, a brighter option that creates the perfect natural eye effect. If you’d prefer the same honey colour but with a darker shade, try the Tri Tone Hazel lenses. They have a black limbral ring that will make the honey colour stand out through comparison. You might also want to make your eyes look just like the surface of a jar of honey on the window sill during a summer’s day. Add the twinkle with the Glimmer Hazel lenses that add a glittery sparkle to your eyes. Looking at these coloured lenses, it’s easy to see why people are rushing to get their own pair.

Bright Honey Coloured Contacts

Bright Honey Contacts

Some of you may be reading this blog and thinking that you’d prefer a brighter colour for honey lenses. Well we agree that you should have honey colour that you want in your lenses. So if you want the classic golden orange lens then check out the Orange Pumpkin lenses. These may seem like they’re just Halloween contact lenses but they also suit the colour of dark honey really well. If you’d prefer a yellow honey colour then try the Yellow Avatar lenses as these shadowed yellow circle contact lenses look incredible. Or you can split the difference between these two colours with the Yellow Raven lenses that are a rich yellow colour that just oozes with sweet honey goodness.

Novelty Honey Coloured Contacts

Novelty Honey Contacts

If you’d prefer to add something extra to your honey lenses then some of these options might be right for your look. The Gold Vampire lenses have a cool honey yellow colour. They also feature an orange pattern around the pupil that looks really funky. The Yellow Zombie Attack lenses will let you add some of your own eye colour into your lenses. If you have dark brown eye then this will create a brilliant honey colour effect. These would be the best coloured contacts for dark eyes. Or get the Hazel Solar lenses if you’re looking for a honey hazel lens with a novelty look. These lenses feature a darker sun pattern.

So with so many options available for Honey coloured contact lenses you should get a pair for yourself. You no longer have to worry about where to buy coloured contacts because Coloured Contacts has you sorted in any colour you desire.

If you decide to give the honey colour a try, be sure to snap a selfie and send it to us at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram because we always love seeing what you combine with our lenses to create a beautiful style.

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Get A Sweet Style with Honey Coloured Contact Lenses

Get A Sweet Style with Honey Coloured Contact Lenses

Get a pair of Honey Coloured Contact Lenses and join the new craze that has everyone looking super sweet. This blog showcases some of the honey colour options available for your eyes.

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