Sie haben Ihren Kontaktlinsenstil gewählt, jetzt bekommen Sie den passenden Look. Unsere Stil Inspiration umfasst alles von Make-up, Kostüme, Cosplay und mehr!


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Our talented affiliate Sarah Magic Makeup has created a variety of costume styles and creative makeup patterns while using our coloured contacts. Check out this blog and see some of her gripping tutorials and detailed social media posts for makeup and cosplay inspiration.


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Always fancied trying out a pair of Mini Sclera lenses? Unsure of how to work them into your look? If so, then it's about time you checked out our latest blog for all you need to know regarding these mini explorations of style!


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Come and see more of our coloured contacts in action. We've got some awesome affiliates wearing some of our best UV glowing lenses and some of our Terminator style lenses!


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Bei so vielen unterschiedlichen Tragedauern für farbige Kontaktlinsen ist es wichtig, den Unterschied zwischen normalen Tageslinsen und Jahreslinsen zu kennen.


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Looking for the ultimate pair of creepy contacts for Halloween or a fancy dress party? Check out our blog, 'Hide Those Eyes: Sclera Contact Lenses!' for everything you need to know about these special effects contact lenses!
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