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Looking for the perfect new accessory to complete your feline inspired look? Cat's Eye Contacts are a cheap and effective way of bringing some authenticity to your Halloween party costume! Cat's eye fashion lenses are quickly gaining in popularity and are really taking off with consumers looking to add a smattering of pizzazz to their fancy dress outfits, be it for a party or to add some individuality on an everyday basis. If you are looking to really authenticate your cat look, bag yourself some eye-catching cat's eye contact lenses today!

Cat's eye fashion lenses are intentionally designed to bring an authentic animalistic look to your eyes and give you a really dramatic appearance which is sure to get you some high fives and nods of approval. With many different design options to choose from, and a wide range of lenses including full sclerameshUV and reactive, there’s plenty of room to experiment and work out what looks best on you. Look through our styles and you will discover that we have many different lenses to suit your needs. From animal lenses to blind contact lenses mesh and screen lenses to UV lenseszombie to natural eye colours... At Coloured Contacts the possibilities are endless.

As the king of coloured contacts, we have lots of ideas for fun cat inspired costumes. Just go for a prowl through our range until you find something that makes you purr with joy. If you are looking for a great feline inspired look, why not try out our cat eye's contact lenses in aquayellow or red ? We also offer UV cat eye's contacts for a 90 day use period too! Pair these lenses with a great costume and you will be good to go!

Feline Fine

Whichever animal fashion lenses you chose to wear, all of our contact lenses that we sell here at Coloured Contacts are non-prescription, so you can go 100% catty without any worries. You will not require corrective lenses, so you can swap and change fashion lenses as much as you like. All our products are available at great prices too, which’ll definitely have you purring with joy.

Before you order, make sure to visit an optician or optometrist to verify the health of your eyes and determine whether you can wear coloured lenses safely.

We’re also proud of the fact that we only source coloured fashion lenses from UK brands such as Eyefusion. So you can be safe in the knowledge that our products are produced pretty locally.

Another great thing about Coloured Contacts is that we sell contacts that are perfectly suitable for dark eyes. Woo! How awesome is that? Our coloured fashion contacts are great for people who have trouble finding vibrant lenses which will cover darker eyes. Our extensive range of animal contacts are the ideal solution for dark eyes, covering the iris with a pool of luminous colour and giving the wearer a wild look. Check out our site to see our extensive choice of coloured lenses, which also look great with fair skin!

The Cat’s Pyjamas

If you’re on the look-out for something that’ll keep you looking good for a single night, it might be worth giving our 1 day contact lenses a go. However, if you plan on attending several different events, particularly over the Halloween or holiday period, then why not treat yourself to something that you can wear again and again with a pair of 90 day reusable contacts? We know that even 90 days might not be enough for regular cats of the night, which is why we also offer a range of fashion contact lenses with a 1 year reusable design, giving you plenty of opportunities to stand out.

So instead of stalking through the high street looking for fancy dress accessories, simply buy cat contacts online from us! And make sure to take advantage of our highly efficient next day delivery options and one of a kind customer support team. You deserve to look how you want, and Coloured Contacts wants to help you out. Take a look through our cat-tastic selection of contacts today – you won’t be disappointed.