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Our range of natural lenses may have natural themed colours, but they’re definitely not your ordinary pair of coloured contacts! Our extensive range of natural effect coloured lenses is available in a range of organically occurring eye colours. This range boasts many different styles and designs with exquisitely patterned irises and multi-tonal depth. We stock a huge selection of the most natural coloured contacts, meaning you will be spoiled for choice. Pick from our large range of colours including natural bluegreygreenhazelbrown and violet.

With such a huge selection of contacts, it’s unsurprising that you would have trouble picking one. At Coloured Contacts we are pleased to offer all of our natural lenses at a cheap, reasonable price, so you don’t have to limit yourself with only one design or style. We love what we do with our coloured contact lenses and are proud to play our part in the alternative fashion scene. We constantly make customers our top priority and this is reflected in our excellent customer service. Our friendly and approachable staff members are always available to answer any queries you might have about the purchase or the general use of our contact lenses. For UK Customers, we offer a speedy next day delivery service, so your new pair of lenses could be with you before you know it!

All About Our Coloured Contacts Range

All of our lenses are non-prescription and solely for cosmetic use. Although it is important to visit your optician or eye care professional before you purchase a new set of contacts. This is simply to ensure your eyes are in good condition and are suitable for wearing contacts. The contacts are not designed to correct your vision; they are simply there to make you look fantastic! We know that a subtle colour lends itself to long term wear, which is why many of our products are reusable and suitable for multi-day use. Some of our styles are available as a 1-Day contact lens, which should be disposed of after one use. However, we also offer durations such as 30-day and 90-day durations for those of you looking to rock your new look for longer!

If you’re concerned about not using reputable online retailers such as AmazoneBay or Freshlook, we are here to reassure you that all of our products are of the highest quality. All of our products are made from brands such as Eyefusion, who’s products are all made according to ISO regulations and are FDA approved – we wouldn’t settle for anything less! The natural contact lenses are made from exceptionally high-quality material with breathable and lightweight materials. This makes them more suited to long term use as your eyes should stay fresh and hydrated for longer.

Another common issue for customers buying coloured contact lenses is the lenses’ suitability for dark eye colours. All of our lenses are manufactured using strong block pigment which completely covers your iris, no matter how dark the shade. So even if you are currently sporting the darkest shade of brown eyes, there is no risk of own of your own eye colour peeping through you new one. Our natural lenses are suitable for dark eyes and light eyes alike, which gives all customers one thing less to worry about when browsing through our fantastic collection.

Start Planning Your Outfit and Costume Ideas Now!

Before you purchase your new pair of coloured contact lenses, you should of first start planning what you’re planning to wear them with. If you struggling to visualise what our natural coloured lenses will look like with an outfit, we are here to help conjure up and few ideas on how you can get the best look out a pair of our cosmetic lenses. As well as being the subtle addition to your daily outfit, our natural lenses make ideal accessories for fancy dress costumes. They are an easy and cheap way to add some oomph to your costume without going too overboard. If you’re out looking for a Halloween or even some contacts for your latest Cosplay project, we will have a style or colour of contact lens that will suit you needs!

Here at Coloured Contacts we love experimenting with new looks and delving into alternative fashions, so are full of ideas when it comes to costumes for HalloweenChristmas or even New Year’s Eve! We have some killer costume ideas to get your new natural coloured lenses looking their best, although remember, this is not an exhaustive list! We have such a large selection of different contacts on offer, the possibilities of costume choice is endless! Here’s a list of some of our favourite natural coloured eye lenses inspired costume choices:

  • Famous Celebrities – you’re never going to have the same eye colour of all your favourite celebrities, so here’s your chance to mix things up and become any celebrity you want to be!
  • Cartoon/Comic Book Characters – you’ve got the wig, the costume, the weapons, but you’re eye colour still isn’t quite right! Our natural shades are sure to provide the subtle difference you’re looking for!
  • Werewolves – even the most beastly of Halloween monsters are humans within, you could go all out with an alternative eye colouration, but sometimes it is the simplest of natural shades which do the trick!
  • Anime - not all of our favourite Anime heroes and villains have the jazziest of eye colours, if you’re looking for an interesting and authentic finish to your costume, then you’ll certainly find something in our range for you!