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There’s nothing quite like going to a fancy dress party, at Halloween or otherwise. Though while everyone can order something skimpy, sexy and titillating, or spooky, scary, and gory, it’s the demonic details that really make a costume. The first place people look is in your eyes, so surely a key part of your costume should be in your eyes?

Every girl has an inner feline, an aloof and mysterious spirit animal that’s as beautiful as she is hard to get. So whether you’re a sweet little kitty cat, or a clawed cat woman, why not spice up this year’s Halloween and Buy Cat’s Eye Coloured Contact Lenses? Whether you want the yellow cat eyes of the witches’ black cat, or baby blue cat eyes like Duchess from The Aristocats, the possibilities of a cat-tastic costume are endless!

cat is one of the sexiest costumes there is, but it can also be a really adorable and sweet costume, if you choose to wear white with bright aqua cat eyes. And the cat circle lenses we stock aren’t just coloured, they all feature the vertical pupils that are instantly identifiable as being a cat’s eyes.

Cat eye is a recognised make-up technique, that extends eyeliner in an outward flick, so just imagine how authentic and dramatic your face could be with make-up and contacts all matching your pussycat outfit!

Ladies Love Options

While there are many different coloured options, like yellow cat eyesblue cat eyes, or aqua cat eyes, that’s not where the options end! If you’re planning on saving your coquettish kitten for once a year on Halloween, then we can provide contact lenses for one use only. If you might be a playful kitten for a whole party season you may need some of our lenses that can last for thirty or ninety days. And for a cosplayer, or an adventurous and flirty girl or guy who wants to spice things up with a regular catty appearance to mix up an outfit, we can even provide cat eyes that can be used for up to a year.

For those who live in the UK, there are two different delivery options to choose from – standard and next day delivery! Seriously, we have all experienced the stress of picking a fabulous and original costume. We’ve also experienced time flying by, so before we know it we’re out of time to hit the crowded high street and get all flustered with the limited choices, or spend hours trawling though eBay or Amazon, looking for exactly what we want and hoping it will be delivered on time. So while not relax, let us at Coloured Contacts help you out with a fierce costume, sure to turn heads, in a stress free way thanks to our fab next day delivery and amazing customer service! And with our extensive range of lenses, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for this Halloween!

Why We’re the Best!

Here at Coloured Contacts, we don’t like to blow our own trumpet, but sometimes we just can’t resist! For one thing, All of our coloured contacts, including cat eye circle lenses, work for dark eyes. So many of our competitors use lower quality lenses which just don’t provide the vibrancy of colour that dark eyes that need. And despite our lenses being the greatest – in our humble opinion – our fashion lenses are still cheap and affordable! And seriously, who wouldn’t want a cheapdramatic, and unique addition to their outfit?

Speaking of greatness – now is the time to mention the brands we stock, such as Eyefusion. Eyefusion are FDA approved and make all of their fashion lenses in the UK, also using only the highest quality materials! This means that their lenses are safecomfortable and easy to wear!

But are coloured contacts really for me? Yes, yes, yes! Ok, not everyone is a cat person, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a great pair of lenses for you! Cat feel a bit tame? Then why not some golden wolf contacts, or red vampire lenses? None of these doing it for you? We have mini sclera contacts in a variety of colours to extend your iris for a truly dramatic effect, or to make you look totally possessed, maybe some full sclera lenses to completely cover your eyeball? Light up the dance floor with UV reactive lenses, or be a total maverick with mesh lenses adding both colour and texture for a spooky and creepy effect.

The other reason we know that these contacts are perfect for you, is that there is no prescription required! These lenses are pure fashion accessories! However, although you don’t need a prescription, you should still always consult an optician before using lenses. While the Eyefusion lenses are as safe as it’s possible to be, an optician will ensure you can safely use lenses, and understand proper aftercare to avoid infections.

In short, who wouldn’t want a noticeable and unique? Especially on Halloween! While we think a clawed feline is the ultimate alter ego for any modern woman (or man!), and are extremely proud of our fabulous range of cat eye lenses, there are plenty more options. So even if cats aren’t your thing, our extensive range of affordable lenses, that can be used by anyone, even those with dark eyes means there’s definitely something for you! Be fierce, fabulous, and daring this holiday season with our range of super spooky eyewear!