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Do you feel like adding some excitement to your life with something different and cool? Do you ever feel bored and frustrated? Do you feel like experimenting and exploring with something new? Then Get FX Contact LensesColoured Contacts range of FX contact lenses is sure to brighten up your life as well as your eyes!

‘Why FX contacts?’ I hear you ask. The answer is in the term special effects, because they are special and they deliver an effect! If you have a funky personality - or if you just want to try out something unique, fun and different - then you should go for a pair of special effects fashion lenses. These novelty lenses are the ultimate accessory for dressing up. Change into a vampirewerewolfwitch or demon! Turn into an alienzombiecat or cobra! Whether you feel like being angelic or devilish, theatrical or reserved, Coloured Contacts has your eyes covered!

Be prepared to have your mind blown when you take a virtual scroll through our enthralling special effects designs, and choose from a huge array of different effects and styles.Make people do a double-take when they see you have a bird, spider or bat on your contacts! Let your eyes stand out with lenses such as Red Cat’s EyePink UV, and Emerald Dragon. Just to mention a few other exceptional, extraordinary designs: Dracula BatHypnotiseSkullAndroidBarcode and Rainbow. Have the eyes of a wolf, or boast a trauma look with blood spatters, or rock a freaky red and white ring such as in Daily Assassin. Select to have just your iris covered in Mini Sclera or cover your whole eye-area for a demonic, possessed look in Sclera. The options are staggeringly vast! There is no limit to the potential for creativity with our FX range.

Whether it’s a pair of everyday lenses you’re after or a pair of low commitment lenses for a special occasion, Coloured Contacts is your best bet! Get that pair of FX contacts you’ve been hoping for in time for this year’s big cosplay event. If you choose to get FX coloured contacts then be prepared to make a stir wherever you go.

Fictional characters are all the rage in our society and popular culture these days. This is mostly due to big and exciting movies come out with regularity. Anime and manga are always very much in-demand as well. There’s also been a new rise in the popularity of vampireszombies and werewolves thanks to the Twilight movie saga and The Vampire DiariesGoth and emo cultures have also taken hold of pop culture. There’s never been a better time to treat yourself to some FX contact lenses.

A Bit More About Our Extensive Range

Here at Coloured Contacts, we pride ourselves on having a broad variety of distinctive, tempting styles in our range for your peepers’ perusal. You can choose between AnimalZombieBlindMesh & ScreenUltra Violet (UV) and Natural Effect among many others (because who doesn’t love choice?). Become a beast with animal contacts, which can transform your eyes to those of a cat, bat, wolf and so much more! FX fans will love contacts such as SpiderPredator and Yellow Cat’s Eye!). Develop into a zombie by gaining the soulless eyes of the living dead with Zombie contactsMesh & Screen contacts are a cool way to captivate with its crazy colour and texture.

Blind contacts have the filmy, cataract-effect of looking like you’re blind (but of course you can still see perfectly!). Blind contacts are accessible in various colours. Glow, mesmerize and hypnotize the crowd with your eyes in a pair of Ultra Violet (UV) lensesNatural Effect contacts come in a wide variety of colours and are your answer if you’re going for an ultra-natural effect. Choice is king at Coloured Contacts.

Please note that you don’t need a prescription to wear our contact lenses. Coloured Contacts offer a desirable assortment of non-prescriptionaffordablenovelty contact lenses that anyone can wear. They are fabulous for people with eyes of all different colours and also work perfectly on dark eyes. They are flawless on all skin tones and are equally effective for fair skin and dark skin. So give Freshlook contacts a break and stop trawling Amazon, and simply scroll through our stunning range of lenses and order online!

Coloured Contacts Convenience

We also offer quick delivery options for your convenience as well easy-peasy payment options. UK customers have the extra luxury of a next day delivery option, which is really valuable if you need a pair of contacts in a hurry for a party or event. In addition, you are always cared for by our customer care department, who are alwats on hand to offer any support you may need.

Coloured Contacts offer the most creative range of contacts, designed to suit all tastes, styles and occasions. We know that not only must contacts fulfil their aesthetic function, but they must also be comfortable and easy to wear! Our contact lenses are made from the highest-grade quality materials. Our stockists are also some of the chief brands in the UK – such as Eyefusion.

Our contact lenses are available in 1 day, 30 day, 90 day and 1 year options. This means if you want to use them for a single event and then chuck ‘em afterward or are looking for a more permanent answer, Coloured Contacts has you and your eyes sorted!

Our cosmetic lenses are easy to use and safe to wear. All contacts come in a sealed case with eye-safe solution keeping them in perfect shapeuntil you’re ready to wear them!

So, shop at one of the largest ranges of non-prescription FX fashion lenses available online.

Always remember to visit your optician or optometrist before purchasing contact lenses.