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Choosing the right pair of contact lenses for your needs can be a tricky process. With so many different use durations, styles, colors and types of lenses to choose from, it’s no surprise that customers have plenty of questions and queries. This is where we come in! We’re aiming to simplify and demystify the lens buying process so we’ve compiled a comprehensive FAQ guide to assist you whilst you shop and purchase your lenses.

There’s Too Many Styles of Lenses! Which Should I Choose?

Yes, we do have a broad selection of colored contact lenses which are available in many varying styles and colors. There are styles which vary from the subtlest shades of Brown One Tone lens to the boldest Blue UV i-Glow lenses. The style you choose is completely up to you! Your choice is completely dependent on what you need the colored contact lenses for. Here’s we have provided a brief overview of our range to get your minds ticking about which lenses you want to try out first. Since all of our lenses come at a cheap and affordable price, you don’t have to stop at one pair, you can shop and experiment to your heart’s delight!

If you’re looking for an everyday option to wear at all times, some of our more natural looking colored contact lenses would be perfect to give you that realistic and convincing finish that you’re searching for. We have plenty of natural effect colored contacts available in colors such as Aqua Blue, Green, Grey and Hazel so you shouldn’t be lacking in choice for natural eye colors.

However, if you’re here to shop for a seasonal costume or Cosplay outfit, then we have plenty of more novelty options for you to have a browse through. Halloween is certainly the best time of year to sport a new pair of novelty blinkers. We have plenty of styles including Vampire, Wolf and Demon which would all be fantastic ways of completing a terrifying Halloween costume. There are also alternative styles such as Sclera and Screen Mesh which stand out due to their alternative design which covers both iris and pupil.

Does A Dark Natural Eye Color Restrict Which Lenses I Can Buy?

With some styles of colored contact lenses available online, it may become more and more difficult to cover up dark eyes, especially some shades of dark brown eyes.  However, our promised high-quality manufacture of the lenses includes high-quality pigmentation of the lenses. The process only uses rich, vivid color pigments to create the designs used on the lens itself. The strong block color is, therefore, able to cover any dark shades of natural eye color that may become visible through the lenses. Whether it is the lightest shade of bright blue or the darkest shade of black, our lenses will literally have everything completely covered!

Do I Need A Prescription To Buy From Coloured Contacts?

All of our lenses are designed for cosmetic purposes only and are not there to correct your vision. This does mean that you don’t need a prescription to wear any of our lenses, yet we still recommend a visit to the opticians or an eye care specialist before you consider purchasing any of our cosmetic lenses. This simply to check with a professional that your eyes are suitable for colored contacts, as the shape of your eye may not be suited to wearing contact lenses. It is always better to be safe than sorry, so we highly suggest some advice from the experts before embarking on your new colored contacts adventure!

How Can I Make Using Contact Lenses Safer?

Here at Coloured Contacts, we are highly passionate about exploring new looks and have always encouraged the exploration into alternative fashions. However, when dealing with non-prescription colored contact lenses, the safety and the health of your eyes should always be of paramount importance. When it comes to colored lens advice, our team has plenty of suggestions on how to keep your eyes in tip-top condition. Your eyes are pretty precious so it’s best to keep them properly cared for at all times!

Since we are passionate about championing eye health, it means we encourage all of our customers to take good care of their contact lenses whilst wearing them. Eyes are very sensitive, so keeping your lenses clean and sterile with contact lens solution or a sterile case are the recommended ways of keeping your contacts clean. Top notch care for your lenses easily reduces the chance of bacteria being transferred from a dirty lens onto your eye. Even the smallest thing such as washing your hands in warm, soapy water before popping your lenses in your eyes will help keep everything hygienic and sanitary.

How Long Are These Lenses Supposed To Last?

The beauty of our colored contact lens selection is that many of our lenses are available in varying duration whether it is 1-day or 90-day duration. This makes colored contacts suitable for a one-off party or costume event, or for more regular use. It is important to keep your duration dates in mind as continually wearing your colored contact lenses past their recommended duration date could put your eyes at risk. If you’re nearing the end of your colored contact lens lifespan, then you should feel reassured that you can replace your lenses at a cheap price with Coloured Contacts! Also, there are no rules saying you have to continually buy the same styles, so you should see the end of your duration date as a chance to break out and try something new!

Which Online Retailers Sell The Best Colored Contacts?

When it comes to shopping online for non-prescription colored contact lenses, there are many reputable sellers, such as Amazon or Freshlook, who sell really high-quality products. Whilst shopping for contact lenses, it is always recommended that you check the information regarding how the lenses have been made and what materials they are made from, to make sure you are purchasing a product that is safe. There are many tests which a product should go through before it is sold, so you should always do a spot of research into your colored contact lenses to make sure all the correct checks have been done.

Here at Coloured Contacts, we have done some of the research for you! When it comes to our lenses, we ensure that we only sell the highest quality lenses. We only stock lenses of well-known and reputable brands of colored contact lenses such as Eyefusion (formerly known as EDIT). All of their products are made from high quality and lightweight materials that are designed to fit comfortably in your eye, as well as keeping it hydrated during wear. The contact lenses are FDA approved and are manufactured with ISO regulations, to ensure the lenses are FCLCA compliant. We have all the acronyms covered when it comes to the quality, so we are confident to align ourselves with the biggest and the best online retailers of cosmetic colored contact lenses.

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