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If you’re looking for brown contact lenses for green eyes, then you couldn’t shop at a better place than Coloured Contacts. We have a broad selection of non-prescription colored contact lenses which are suitable to be worn with a large variety of eye colors, no matter how dark your natural eye color is! If you’re desperate to switch up your emerald green blinkers for a crisper shade of brown then we have plenty of options for you to feast your eyes on!

It is the strong pigmentation in our colored contacts that make it possible for every shade of colored contact to cover nearly every shade of eye color. The manufacturing process includes the use of a strong pigmentation to make the block color. This color is able to block even the darkest of eye colors, including brown or even shades such as green. However, this coloration does not create false or unconvincing colours, the designs and colours that we use are all able to create designs suitable for all uses; whether that be daily use or a one-off event. When it comes to natural-looking colored contacts, we’ve literally got everything covered!

Our Brown Colored Contacts Selection

As our brown shades of colored contacts are one of the more natural shades in our collection, it lends itself to subtle everyday use. A new eye color could completely transform your daily look, you could completely switch up your makeup choices or hair color – it could mean a whole new you! There are plenty of trusty options available in our brown collection, here are a few ideas of how you can put these non-prescription colored contacts to good use:

  • Brown One Tone – the simplest shade we have which will be the ideal way to change up your green eyes, the best way to change up your look in the blink of an eye!
  • Brown Tri-Tone – this color takes the shades of brown to a slightly deeper level, the slighter darker shade of brown adds slightly more intrigue to your new darker shade
  • Brown Misty – a slightly alternative style, this lens almost has a cartoon element, which lends itself to fancy dress and Cosplay outfits, as well as a more statement day-to-day appearance

The brown shades of colored contacts are perhaps one of the most natural looking colored contact lenses that we offer. Even the simple shade that we have will cover your natural eye color, so it becomes possible for brown contact lenses to work for green eyes. The long duration of the lenses above means that the lenses are designed to be worn again and again, so will become a true investment into any new look or style that you are looking to delve into!

Style and Substance Combined

Here at Colored Contacts we want to make sure that you are looking good in a new pair of non-prescription colored contacts, although are passionate that this does not come at the expense of a high quality. Yes, our lenses are able to give your green gems a new shade of brown, but most importantly, your eyes will be safe and comfortable when using these colored contact lenses. We only stock the highest quality of products from well-known brands such as Eyefusion (formerly known as EDIT).  All of their products are manufactured using high quality, lightweight materials which will fit comfortably in your eye.

We love encouraging people to try new styles and have always been a champion of the alternative scene. As all of our colored contact lenses are cheap and affordable, you can shop our selection without completely breaking the bank! By shopping online with Coloured Contacts, it has never been easier to change-up your eye color, especially if you’re hoping to purchase for brown contact lenses for green eyes. There is no risk of your natural eye color showing through when you shop online with us!