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Are you aware of the enormous size of our crazy contact lens range?

Despite lenses being originally designed for the purpose of prescription contact lenses, we believe that non-prescription crazy contacts should be available to anyone wishing to update their style just as easy as switching an outfit! When it comes to getting yourself a pair of awesome lenses that fit with the exact style and occasion you’re going for, Coloured Contacts will always have you covered! Whether it’s a big evening out and you’re looking to give your blinkers that extra bit life on the dance floor, or even the spookiest Halloween party of the year; we stock some of the best crazy contacts around!

With the huge demand of more elaborate and quirky costumes, our range of lenses has diversified from glow in the dark UV contact lenses for big parties and raves, to devilishly scary monster lenses to stir up a fright during Halloween and fancy dress parties. But by far one of the fastest growing crazy contact lens styles are new anime and manga inspired lenses! These beautiful crazy eyes contact lenses feature outstandingly vibrant colors, as well as intricate styles that would suit even the most professional fancy dress enthusiast looking for a perfect pair of cosplay contact lenses!

As well as offering you a fantastic range of special effects contact lenses, we believe one of the most important things we should offer you is the absolute best colored contacts for fun occasions you could possible get your hands on! As if our gigantic range of cheap costume contact lenses couldn’t get any bigger, we now offer a wide variety of daily, monthly and yearly lenses so you can always keep that epic look going! We also believe at Coloured Contacts that as well as providing you with outstanding value and styles, above all else we need to provide you with safe colored contact lenses. Therefore you can rest assured, if you buy any novelty contact lenses from us; they will always be of the highest quality receiving FDA approval!

So, if you’re looking to grab yourself some long lasting cheap Halloween contact lenses or even a pair of the quirkiest anime inspired cosplay lenses imaginable; you’ll always find exactly what you’re looking for and more within our crazy contact lens range!

Our Crazy Contact Lens Range

As we’re sure you’re now aware, our crazy contact lens range is one of the most extensive stores around! It doesn’t matter what event you have planned, we always have the perfect crazy contact lenses for any party or event! So be sure to grab yourself a new pair and show off your new weird contact lenses to your friends and family!

Within our massive online store some of our favorite novelty lenses are the new manga and anime inspired Naruto lenses. These fancy novelty contact lenses are an absolute must in giving your peepers a draw dropping look they deserve! What’s more is that they can be added to any anime cosplay to give the best sharingan eyes in the blink of an eye! But if this isn’t quite your style, then why not to try some of our amazing realistic cat eye contacts and give yourself a cute animalistic look! We have loads of different colors and styles to suit your every need!

So if you think that some of these special effect contact lenses sound right up your street, don’t forget to visit our website to see the full extent of our crazy contact lens range! We even stock a wide variety of cosmetic natural look lenses in a variety of colors! So you could even get yourself a natural looking pair of peepers but with the brightest jaw dropping color with our Purple Violet Tri Tone Colored Contact Lenses!

But fear not! If you’re still slightly conflicted on what you should choose from our crazy contact lens range, here are some examples to give you a little inspiration:

  •  Red Ten Tails Colored Contact Lenses – These epic anime inspired lenses are every cosplayers dream! With a lifelike realistic look, you can really add the life to your Naruto ninja costume and release your chakra in style!
  •  Rainbow Colored Contact Lenses – These epic lenses are perfect for any party/clubbing enthusiast! They feature an array of vibrant pastel colors to make your look eye catching in all situations!
  • Black Mini Sclera Colored Contact Lenses- If you’re looking for a devilishly frightening look, these are the lenses for you! These awesome lenses cover part of your sclera (white part of the eye) to give you a more inhuman and scarier look!

Style and Substance Combined

When buying from Coloured Contacts you will always receive an awesome pair of non-prescription colored contact lenses of the highest quality! We’re focused upon giving you the craziest colored contacts around, so you’ll always be looking fly at your parties or an absolute horror for Halloween, with the safe and comfort to wear them for the long periods you desire!

Throughout our website all our lenses are made to go through an intense manufacturing process so that all of our lenses are safe and durable to last through all the crazy events you have planned for them! This also includes making sure all of our lenses meet FDA approval, so you can rest assured that if you choose from our crazy contact lens range; your precious blinkers are always going to be safe with us!

So don’t forget! If you’re thinking about having a browse of our crazy contact lens range, we have a massive variety of daily, monthly and yearly lenses to meet all your needs! Coloured Contacts is the absolute best place to start if you’re looking to show off a high quality crazy new eye style in a safe and affordable way!