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If you love the hit anime TV show and manga Naruto, you’ll love the massive selection of Sharingan Contacts available at Coloured Contacts!

With the huge demand of bigger, quirkier and crazier fancy dress costumes every year, we’ve definitely stepped up the contact lens game with our Sharingan Contacts! Here at Coloured Contacts we pride ourselves on bringing you the funkiest styles for your peepers that you could ever imagine! No matter what your colour and style preference is, you’ll always be able to find a pair of novelty contact lenses to fit the exact look you’re going for! Just remember, when you’re checking out our store, if you’re in to all things fancy dress; don’t just settle for daily lenses! Just like the awesome dojutsu seen in Naruto and Naruto Shippudden, you’ll be able to give yourself some epic sharingan and mangekyou sharingan for months at a time!

Sharingan Contacts For The Ultimate Ninja Cosplay!

Become the ultimate shinobi warrior from the help of Coloured Contacts! Although by now we’re sure you’re well aware of the massive selection of non-prescription cosplay contact lenses we offer, none of them come close to the epic style and likeness to their source material than the sharingan contact lenses available to purchase from our website! If you love big cosplay events such as Comic con, dressing up for a hyped fancy dress party or even getting into the garbs of your favourite characters around the house like a true fan, these lenses cannot go unseen!

As well as offering you some of the best looking sharingan contact lenses on the market, we also have a huge number of styles all designed from other awesome characters shown in the anime and manga. Some of our crazy costume contact lenses vary from the fan favourite mangekyou sharingan lenses to even some of the more sought after, hard to find rinnegan contact lenses! But the best bit about our contacts you ask? Most of our lenses now come in a variety durations including daily and 90 day styles! So if you’ve been hunting everywhere on where you can get your hands on some sharingan contact lenses cheap; you’ve come to the best place! 

Whether you’re looking to get yourself Rinnegan Contacts, Byakugan contact lenses or maybe just some of the anti-hero Sasuke sharingan contacts; for the best anime inspired coloured cosplay contacts, Coloured Contacts is your one stop shop!

As you’ve heard all about it by now, our range of cosplay contact lenses can be described as unparalleled! We always have the perfect lenses to fit the exact costume and look you’re going for! So if you’re looking to grab the famous eyes of one of your favourite Naruto characters, why not pick yourselves up a pair of our kakashi sharingan contacts or maybe take it to the next level with a pair of our mangekyou sharingan contact lenses!

If you’re going to be out and about releasing your chakra with the eyes of the Uchiha clan, they’ve got to be looking good enough to impress a hokage himself. That’s why all of our lenses feature super strong colour pigmentations! So if your eyes are a shade of blistering blue or maybe even a bright shade of gorgeous green; you’ll be rocking some epic naruto sharingan contact lenses without a peep from your natural eye colour. 

But although living up to impressive character looks with some Sasuke Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan Contacts and Naruto Sage Mode contacts can be a daunting task; don’t worry! We’ve put together a few of our favourites to give you the look of a true shinobi ninja warrior! Check them out here:

  • Red Sharingan Colored Contact Lenses – If you’re looking for some of the most iconic Naruto styled eyes out there, these are the perfect option. Featuring the level 3 matured sharingan from Kakashi and some of the Uchiha clan’s finest members Sasuke and Itachi; you’ll have a look to be envied. As well as this, these cosplay contact lenses come in 90 day variants and are available in their previous levels! But if you want to step up your Kakashi sharingan contacts to the next level, why not check out the funky white varieties we also stock! For the ultimate base sharingan, these are a top pick!
  • White Neji Colored Contacts - If you’re looking to cosplay as a member of the Hyuga clan, these are the lenses for you! Featuring the eye design of Neji’s activated Byakugan, you won’t be able to see your friends chakra, but they’ll defiantly see you pulling off one of the greatest cosplay looks out there!
  • Grey Rinnegan Colored Contacts Lenses – If you’re set on showing off to your friends and family that you hold incredible power, grab yourself a set of our rinnegan contact lenses! As the most exalted of the three great dojutsu; if you’re thinking of a shinobi ninja cosplay; you must get yourself the eye of the 6 paths!

But if you’re looking for something a little different than sharingan contact lenses, fear not! We also stock varieties of Kaguya’s rinne sharingan contact lensesMangekyou Sharingan Contacts and even Naruto’s Kuruama infused nine tailed beast contact lenses!

Naruto Colored Contacts - Comfortable and Safe

We’re sure you’ll be keen to say that the best attribute to our lenses is their amazing replication from their original designs, but we would have to say it is the extensive manufacturing process in which they go through. At Coloured Contacts we assure you that all our lenses must be safe, comfortable and durable! So whether you have a massive cosplay convention, or a casual fancy dress party; your eyes will be looking crazy all night long! Not only this, but by making sure our lenses go through this strict process, you’ll always be sure to get some FDA approved contact lenses of the highest quality available when shopping at Coloured Contacts!

So don’t forget, if you’re ready to show off some ninja dojutsu and grab yourself an awe inspiring Naruto cosplay; look no further than the extensive selection on our website! From mangekyou sharingan to rinnegan; if you’re looking for the craziest, most comfortable and safest lenses you can buy; you’ll definitely find it with the affordable sharingan lenses at Coloured Contacts!