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Are you excited to own your first pair of colored contact lenses? You are going to want to look after those lenses so you can reuse them. Why not get yourself some of our animal contact lens cases to safely store your fashion contact lenses?

We all know how important it is to keep contact lenses clean for the safety and health of our eyes so you are going to need somewhere to store them that can be easily kept clean too! Every animal color contact lens case is made from plastic so you can easily wash it ready for the next use. The sturdy plastic also means that your case will be able to take a few little knocks without becoming damaged, perfect for taking on your travels or storing in a handbag. Did we mention they are also small and compact? They will take up hardly any room which is perfect for those who already carry around plenty of items! If you love to pack light then this is the solution to your contact lens storage problems.

Each animal shaped contact lens case has a leak proof screw top to ensure your lenses stay floating happily in their eye care solution. We also have plenty of animal contact lens case kit options. These come with an outer box to keep all your accessories together, a pair of mini tweezers to help you keep your lenses sanitary and an insert wand so save you fiddling around when you are inserting your contact lenses. This kit has everything you need but the eye care solution which is also available on the Colored Contact Website.

Cute Animal Contact Cases

Keep you lenses safe on your night stand or bedside table with a watchful owl contact lens case. The cute range of owl cases not only look fun but are functional too. The owl contact lens case comes in a variety of colours so you can choose your favourite. Too difficult to choose? If you have more than one pair of lenses then you are going to need more than one anyway so why not treat yourself to an extra animal case. You don’t have to stick to one animal either! Here at Colored Contacts we have got a taster of the entire animal kingdom. From frogs to monkeys to fish!

We also have plenty of cute pet animal cases for you. Why not get yourself a dog animal contact lens case? This sweet pooch will be the perfect animal to safely guard your lenses when you aren’t wearing them. Remember a dog is for life and not just for Christmas and with our high quality cases they are sure to last you for a long time. Chose from blue, red or yellow! Those big puppy dog eyes are sure to be irresistible.

You will be like a kid in a sweet shop with all these bright colours and varieties! One thing you can be sure of is you won’t find anything sweeter than our cute animal contact cases. These adorable animals are sure to provide you with a happy baby contact lens case that you will be pleased to see on your beside table. From baby bears to little chicks, these big eyed creatures are sure to become handy pals.

Once you have started collecting these little critters you may find yourself wanting more of these friendly faces. Lucky for you our contact lens case holder range is cheap and cheerful. It will make the smallest dent in your wallet and is a very handy item to own.

The Best Animal Contact Lens Case Supplier

Colored Contacts is sure to rival other animal contact lens case suppliers such as AmazoneBayBootsTesco and Walmart in both quality and price. This little add-on treat is the perfect way to end your shopping trip with Colored Contacts. No need to think twice, gather up your loose change and you are sure to have more than enough for at least one of our animal contact cases.

At Colored Contacts we know eye care is essential which is why our animal contact lens cases are just as high quality as our contact lenses. Eye health is of the utmost importance so you are going to need the best container in order to keep your lenses clean and reusable. At Colored Contacts we know eye care is essential which is why our cases are just as safe to use as our lenses. When using colored contact lenses if you have any concerns it is always best to check with your eye doctor or opticians. We also have plenty of handy guides on our Colored Contacts blog.

Whether you need a case for your prescription contact lenses or are off to a comicon with your brand new cosmetic contacts these cute animal contact lens cases are sure to become your favourite travel companion!