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Gray Prescription Contacts are often a little difficult to find, especially if you don’t want to compromise on quality. Many colored contacts sellers will either provide a prescription lens but will ignore the quality of the color or they will provide a solid color but without a prescription option. On some lenses with a prescription, you are actually buying tinted contact lenses instead of having a solid color. This often leads to dark eye colors bleeding into the colur, so what used to be Gray Colored Contacts become black. With all the different lenses on the market it may become a nightmare trying to find quality prescription colored contacts can be like searching for a needle in a haystack, if the hay was gray and straightened to look just like a needle.

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Fortunately for everyone, due to the demand for high quality prescription lenses, Coloured Contacts are now selling a range of colored prescription contact lenses that will leave everyone happy. When you see the quality of these lenses, you’ll only have eyes for us from now on. For years, our non prescription colored contact lenses have been the go to option for high quality color that works on brown and black eyes, but now that we have a range of prescription colored contact lenses for dark eyes you don’t have to feel like you’re missing out because of your vision.

We understand that when you want to go out to a club, restaurant or just a friendly get together, you want to be able to swap up your style and add a little flare to your eyes. Going to that effort and then putting on glasses can distract from your initial intention. Many people find themselves in this situation and wonder can you get colored contacts for prescription? Well before there were few quality choices open to them. Thanks to some super special technology, we’ve managed to create solid color lenses that work on the darkest of eyes and still allow you to see clearly without a need for other vision correction.

If you’re not looking for daily colored contact lenses you may instead have been creating a super accurate Cosplay costume that you want to finish off with a pair of colored contacts. Spending all that time and attention to detail can be frustrating when you either have to wear a pair of glasses over the whole outfit and ruin its authenticity, or maintain an accurate look but keep bumping into tables because your vision is blurry. This is a situation where a pair of prescription lenses becomes essential.

Another similar situation would be during Halloween. You can spend hours fixing your make up to create a terrifying zombie or vampire appearance and the only extra item you need is a pair of lifeless gray eyes. Without a pair of Halloween prescription colored contact lenses you will find yourself in a sticky situation. Zombies and Vampires start to look a lot less scary when they have to wear a pair of glasses.

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For whatever reason, our gray prescription contacts are an amazing option for your style. If you want to use a pair of gray lenses on black eyes to cover up that darkness, we can get it done on the daily. We understand that dark eye colors can be a little underwhelming and nothing is as unique as a pair of natural gray colored contacts to get the natural yet different look that compliments your everyday fashion. So if you’re looking for a natural look that you can use every day for 90 days, you should check out our Gray One Tone Prescription Lenses. The lens is a medium gray for the iris with a light gray speckled effect to replicate a natural eye. While wearing these it will look as if you were born with a super rare eye color.

Alternatively you may want something a little bit special to add to your Halloween fancy dress costume. For instance, if you want to add some sparkle, the Silver Glimmer Prescription Contacts will make a glittering effect in your eye so you will shine out in the crowd of costumes. With an ever growing assortment of prescription colored contact lenses Halloween is guaranteed to get even better for you and your friends.

All of our contacts have gone through the rigorous inspection and are FDA Approved so you know that they are completely safe and easy to use. It’s important that when you’re putting something in your eye that you know it’s going to work properly and not cause any damage, so don’t risk getting contacts from a source that isn’t approved by the FDA. Thanks to the special way that we have our contact lenses colored, the high quality pigments are completely opaque so your dark eye colors won’t be visible underneath the colored iris. Furthermore, the lightweight Polyhema material is made to stay breathable while wearing so you are comfortable while you spend the day looking incredible.

The purchasing process is quick and simple; you just have to select your contact prescription from the drop down list of different powers so that you can see the same as if you were wearing a pair of your glasses or colorless contacts. The best part is that they are actually cheap colored contacts compared to other prescription lenses, and we also beat them on safety and color quality. There is no reason to shop anywhere else.

So if you’re looking for a quality pair of gray prescription contacts, then be sure to check out our section dedicated to everything you need from a colored contact lens. You will be so in love with the way you look that you’ll wonder why you’ve haven’t been wearing them before now. Once you’ve decided on exactly what you’re looking to buy, be sure to check out the essential information in the description so you know everything before trying them out for yourself.