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Always feeling left out when your friends try fashion contact lenses? At Colored Contacts we think everyone should be able to wear cool colored eye contacts, which is why we now have an awesome range of natural prescription contacts lenses.

If your mates are always talking about their natural non prescription contact lenses while you are wishing you could ditch your glasses for the day then this is sure to be the most exciting news. Stop the press! Colored Contacts has an amazing new range of natural prescription colored contacts! Perfect for enhancing your natural eye color or switching up your look. You are sure to find something that will appeal to your sense of style.

You may have thought that prescription colored contact lenses uk would be too expensive but when you shop with us we are sure you will find perfect cheap colored contact lenses uk. The best feature of our cheap lenses is they come with FDA-approval meaning you can feel confident that you are wearing high quality lenses. This means the material we use is lightweight, soft and most importantly breathable. Your eyes are sure to feel comfortable. Have you always been afraid of trying contact lenses? Put your fears aside and be brave. Our natural colored contact lenses prescription are sure to be more tempting than plain contact lenses.

Colored Contact Lenses With Prescription

If you look at your natural eye color what colors do you see? Have you got blue eyes with flecks of grey? Maybe your eyes are pure brown? Eye color is such a diverse thing that the trick to finding natural colored contact lenses is in the small details.

For a pure eye color we recommend the prescription one tone range. The one tone lenses are made up of a single dominant color with slight shaded detailing. This gives a hypnotic innocent eyed look, especially if you try the bright piercing Blue One Tone Prescription Colored Contact Lenses. These gorgeous blue pools with leave admirers gazing dreamily into your new peepers. No more hiding behind frames. Let these lenses speak out for themselves and you will have found the starring accessory to your outfit. These lenses provide the perfect way to complete an everyday look if you want to try new colors. We change our hair color so why not our eye color too?

For an extra bit of natural style we also have a prescription tri tone range with lenses that feature an enhanced limbal ring and contrasting inner color. The dominant color is made to appear even more dazzling thank to these features. Meet a stranger’s eye across the room and see if your dazzling new lenses will work their magic!

No Need to Feel Left out With Natural Prescription Colored Contacts

If you want to transform your brown eyes then we are sure you will love the effect of colored contacts for dark eyes before and after. Our lenses are made with only the highest quality pigmentation so you can feel confident that your cosmetic contact lenses will give you full color coverage and leave you without a worry. Whatever your natural eye color from dark to light our lenses are sure to completely transform your eyes. We make sure to only use the best manufacturers so that you can buy our prescription contact lenses with confidence.

We have a variety of durations for our colored contacts. From 1 day to 90 days to 1 year. If you don’t want the fuss and hassle of maintaining and keeping your lenses clean then daily colored contact lenses allow you to simply throw away the lenses once used. If you are looking for one night of eye changing fun then this is the perfect duration. If you want to try a few styles or have plenty of parties to wear your lenses at then you are going to want something that lasts longer. The 90 day or 1 year lenses are easy to look after once you know how and can be worn again and again with the proper maintenance. Be sure to be hygiene conscious and use one of our contact lens cases to keep your contact lenses sanitary. Make sure to pick up a bottle of eye care solution too, to keep you lenses floating happily in their case and to kill off any bacteria.

If you are new to using contact lenses make sure to talk to your eye doctor or optician first to check your eye suitability and ask any questions. For an extra helping hand we have plenty of guides and blog posts available so you are sure to find everything you need to know on the Colored Contacts website. If you do decide to try prescription contact lenses then you can be sure we have a great selection of color contact lenses uk and have plenty available for other countries too! Not looking for natural prescription contact lenses? We also have a range of colored contact lenses Halloween that may be more your style. Whatever the occasion Colored Contacts is here to help so you can sure to be a winner for costume parties and red carpet events. We are so confident in the quality of our lenses that we reckon they rival providers of colored contact lenses BootsArgos and Specsavers.