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As we’re sure you’ve seen the pure masses amount of extravagant styled contact lenses that we stock you’ll be pleased to hear that we’re now offering our very own prescription costume contact lenses.

Recent fashion has shown colored contacts to become even more popular with many looking to novelty contact lenses as a way of bringing some extra glow into their look. If you want to grab yourself an extremely lifelike costume or even just blow away friends and family with a quirky new eye colour, there really is no better way than with a pair of our costume contact lenses!

One of the most heart-breaking problems about trying to fit in with the crowd and give yourself a down right terrifying life like costume with a pair of lenses, is that other retailers do not accommodate those with impaired vision. That’s why if you’re looking for the best contact lenses prescription available, you always need to stick with Coloured Contacts! Our diverse new range of prescription novelty contact lenses mean that if you’ve been suffering from short sighted vision and have been unable to join in and grab yourself an amazing pair of our costume prescription contact lenses you’ll never have to worry again!

Here at Coloured Contacts we always have our massive selection of colours and styles to fir your every need. If you’ve been looking for a perfect pair of coloured prescription contact lenses then you’re going to adore our new range of prescription contact lenses available on our website! Not only with these lenses correct your vision and make you look amazing, we’ve made our prescription contacts available in 90 day varieties, so if you keep them well maintained you’ll be able to wear them for months at a time!

Get the Best Prescription Costume Contact Lenses Available

When looking at getting yourself some prescription coloured contact lenses you’ll never find a set that can match the outstanding colours and styles available at Coloured Contacts. This especially true when you see the bright and colourful style and designs we make available to you. Many other retailers of these products will use cheap colour pigmentations so if you’re looking for prescription coloured contacts for dark eyes unfortunately your natural eye colour will always be present. However here at Coloured Contacts that will never be an issue as we make sure that our prescription costume contact lenses will always shine bright and true. That way if you’re looking at changing your big brown eyes to a glittery green you’ll have nothing to worry about!

Another problem that occurs when getting you a Halloween contact lens prescription is that most companies require you to purchase a pair of prescription fancy dress contact lenses for each eye if they have separate prescription requirements, leaving you spending lots of money for one style. But not at Coloured Contacts! We allow you to choose coloured prescription contact lenses for each of your eyes separate prescriptions for the price of just one pair!

All this sounds pretty unbelievable right? So what are you waiting for? Take a look at a few of our prescription costume contact lenses bellow and give yourself some inspiration:

  • Yellow Cat’s Eye Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses – If you’re looking for a pair of awesome animal styled lenses, these are you perfect option! Not only do they feature a vibrant yellow colour but they’re also available in multiple prescriptions!
  • White Mesh Halloween Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses - If you’re looking for a pair of prescription Halloween contact lenses or perhaps a spooky blind eye look you’ll love these! 
  • Blue Angelic Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses – For a scary edge to your look great for a range of different costume contact lens styles these are a perfect all-round pair of contacts.

Although have some pretty amazing prescription contact lenses available at the moment! If you consider yourself a fashionista, don’t forget to keep checking back so you’ll always be one step ahead of the costume contact lens trend!

Safe and Comfortable Prescription Costume Contact Lenses

Even though we have some of the best styled costume prescription contact lenses around the attribute that really makes them stand out leagues above other coloured contacts on the market is their unique FDA approval rating. This means that all of our lenses will feature some of the highest quality materials, outstanding comfort so they can be worn for long durations and all the crazy costumes you have planned. But the most important selling point to the lenses that are available through us here at Coloured Contacts is that they are extremely safe! Just grab one of our cool contact lens cases and solution kits and you’re ready to pull off an incredible fancy dress costume!

If you’ve been dying to be a part of this amazing trend and get some new crazy eye contacts for yourself, then look no further than Coloured Contacts. We have the expertise and style to always offer you some of the funkiest and safe prescription contact lenses around!