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If you want to buy blind coloured contact lenses then you need look no further than the lenses we have at Coloured Contacts. If you aren’t already aware, the blind coloured contact lenses are one solid colour that covers the pupil and iris. By having full coloured contacts, your eyes will look totally amazing and will definitely turn a few heads. When it comes to blind coloured contacts, you are looking for a lens made from a high quality material as well as a high quality colour that prevents your black pupils and natural iris colour cannot be seen underneath. Luckily, we at Coloured Contacts pride ourselves on the quality of our lenses.

Other sites may provide coloured contact lenses, but in reality the colours aren't as solid as ours. This means that when you try on these lenses, you'll notice that the colour is affected by your natural eye colour. Our contacts are designed to completely block out your iris and pupil colour so that you receive a solid colour that you'll be happy with. You don't want to find out on the night that your lenses wont be good enough for your costume, so make sure that you're safe by getting your lenses from Coloured Contacts.

Of course, buying high quality lenses doesn’t mean you can’t buy coloured contacts cheap. We are always competitive with our prices to make sure that you can have the best experience for the lowest possible price. When you choose your contacts, you may have the choice to choose the duration of the contact lenses. For those who are looking to accessorise Halloween costumes with contacts then getting the daily coloured contacts can be the best option. These contacts can be put in during your Halloween party and once you’re done, simply dispose of them and start checking out all those amazing photos of your costume that you took over the course of the night. In some cases, you may prefer to reuse the contact lenses so the 90 day duration lenses would be the best option for you. These contacts will require cleaning with Contact lens solution to avoid a buildup of bacteria and to stop them from drying up.

You should also be aware that blind contact lenses are given their name because they greatly reduce your vision and so you should not plan to wear these contacts while you’re driving or doing anything that requires your vision. These are best for making great costumes for a home party or if you want to make amazing photos of a costume.

The Different Colours of Blind Contact Lenses

If you’re wondering what the options are when buying blind contact lenses, then check out our blind section. We have a number of colours to choose from when picking out the perfect look for your costume. A great example is the Black Blind Zombie Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses which can be added to a totally terrifying Zombie or Demon costume or just about any costume that you can imagine. These pure black eye contacts will still cover your pupil. This may sound unnecessary but this is because you pupils will be a different shade and will often contract in high amounts of light. So if you plan on taking photos, the light you need to take a quality picture will affect your pupil size.

On the opposite side of this is the White Blind Zombie Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses which will turn your eyes a completely white colour. These are brilliant for creating a full white eye effect. These are perfect if you’re looking to create a glossy undead eye effect like a zombie from a horror movie.

If you’re looking for something a little more colourful then we have a few coloured options like the Red Blind Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses which will be great if you’re looking to show off the bloodlust of the monster that you’re dressing up as for Halloween. These all red contacts are definitely the right choice for a whole range of costumes. People will be terrified of your costume when they see the red mist take over and they start to look more and more like prey for a hungry werewolf. Red coloured eye contacts and Halloween go hand in hand so check them out.

We also have more colours to suit your needs including the Green colour blind contacts that will give your eyes a poisonous gloss. Or you can try the Blue blind contacts instead and create a mystical look that would be at home in a magical costume like the white walkers or wights from Game of Thrones. You can be as imaginative as you want when it comes to finding the perfect costume and contact combination.

Buy Quality Lenses with Coloured Contacts UK

When it comes to coloured costume contact lenses you will have to search for a long time to find a better variety of products as our range rivals big name sellers like eBay and Amazon. unlike these big names, we focus on this one product so we can be the best at providing high quality lenses that won’t be beaten. These fx contact lenses are a great addition to your costume so make sure to try them out. Once you’ve seen how great they look, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been wearing Halloween coloured contacts for years.

Once you’ve picked out your favourite pair of lenses from our blind coloured contact lenses online section, just sit back and wait for the lenses to be sent directly to your door. When the big day arrives, simply take them out and add them to your eyes, you'll see just how great the colours will look. They will also be super comfortable in your eyes as are a Polyhema material that contains water in order to remain lubricated while in your eyes.We ship internationally to Europe, Australia, America and more! All of our contacts have been gone through the FDA’s three tier screening process to assure that these lenses are safe, effective and secure.