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If you’ve been dying to switch up your look with a different, stylish, natural new eye colour; you’ll love the range of brown coloured contacts prescription lenses which we now stock!

There’s no doubt that you’ve looked through our extensive online website and realised that we’ve got some of the best styles of colored contact lenses to update your ever changing look. There has been a huge rise in new and colourful contact lens fashions and trends such as natural look contact lenses and costume contact lenses. As well as the cosmetic-use-only options, you can now also pick up prescription contact lenses to enhance your look. Here at Coloured Contacts we aim to make sure that anyone who wants to try out the best coloured contacts to get the latest and greatest styles can do so without a thing holding you back!

Don’t believe us? By shopping on our whole website you’ll now be able to find a range of prescriptions colored contact lenses with quality and comfort that is leagues ahead of some other brands! But most importantly; always at incredibly affordable prices.

Update Your Style And Get Your Brown Colored Contacts Prescription

Here at Coloured Contacts we always give you an astonishing selection of choice when it comes to new a pair of lenses for your peepers. But if you’ve been looking to get yourself a new natural looking eye color in a deep hazel brown, you’ve come to the right place. But the best thing about these lenses is that they are now available in our incredible prescription colored contacts varieties. This means that if you’ve been suffering with short sighted vision and need to rely on your corrective lenses; your style will no longer have to suffer either. 

An issue that becomes apparent to many of us when trying to get themselves a pair of prescription colored contacts is that if you have a prescription that consist of a different power for each of your eyes, you will need to buy two pairs of lenses. Not at Coloured Contacts. Simply visit our website and select the exact pair of prescription colored contact lenses you want and then choose from the power required for each individual eye. Meaning you can save money and have a little spare to treat yourself to another pair prescription contacts when a big occasion comes around!

But besides this, what makes our colored contact lenses and brown colored contacts prescriptions so much better than others on the market? Let us tell you. Throughout the lenses on our website, as well as featuring some outstanding and incredible designs, you’ll notice that the contacts prescription lenses will have deep and impressive colors with every pair. This is because we use some of the strongest color pigmentations available, so that if you grab yourself a pair of our brown colored prescription lenses, you’ll be able to have a deep brown hue without a wink from your natural eye color! The best colored contact lenses for a natural look that’s out of this world!

But that’s not the only high quality attribute to our amazing prescription and non prescription coloured contact lenses. You’ll also be able to rest assured that if you buy a pair of lenses from us that they will be outstandingly safe for you to wear them for long intended durations and always be comfortable. That’s because all of our lenses feature an FDA approval rating, meaning that they are of the highest standards available. 

Thinking of maintaining a dark new natural eye colour with a pair of our brown colored contacts prescription lenses? Then you’ll be pleased to know that our prescription colored contact lenses are available in 90 day varieties!

High Quality FDA Approved Brown Prescription Colored Contact Lenses

Although we don’t stock toric coloured contact lenses, you’ll still be able to find some amazing prescription lenses at a fraction of the price. You’ll also be able to shop from an incredible wide selection of lenses such as our blue prescription contacts as well as our creepy costume prescription contact lenses , all featuring some of the best styles going. 

But as we mentioned previously in less detail, our brown prescription lenses all feature an incredible FDA approval rating. As our lenses all class as professional medical devices, we make sure that all of our contacts are subjugated to an intense manufacturing process, to make sure they are of the highest quality on the market. This ultimately means that your prescription lenses will feature high quality durable materials which make them incredibly comfortable for the whole length of their intended usage period and most importantly, safe.

So make sure that if you’re updating your style with a new brown eye shade that you shop at Coloured Contacts for an amazing selection of safe prescription colored contact lenses.