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Do you find any excuse to dress up as your favourite character? Make sure everyone is jealous of your outfit with costume colored contact lenses! Whether you are preparing for Halloween or are getting excited about your next fancy dress party, we have the lenses to make your costume stand out from the crowd. Every year we see the same costumes from Zombies to Harley Quinn but if you want to be unique it is time to get creative. We know you have got some fab makeup ideas and costume plans waiting to be released onto the world so why not try out something new and add a pair of fancy dress contact lenses UK for that winning edge.

Cheap Halloween Contacts

One of our most popular styles for Halloween contacts non prescription is the White Blind Halloween Colored Contact Lenses. These white out contact lenses UK cover both the iris and pupil to create a ghostly white eye. These are perfect for a range of costumes and look especially creepy when paired with gory special effects makeup or face paint.

We know when you are searching for your next costumes you will want cheap costume contact lenses. Fancy dress shops often charge a fortune for costumes so if you want to save the pennies then why not create a DIY costume and purchase some accessories to give your costume that all important detail. Make sure you add a pair of colored contact lenses to your outfit to have the accessory that nobody else will have. Meet a stranger’s eye from across the room and really freak them out with a pair of special effects contacts. Our lenses have pocket money prices but are all made to the highest standards.

If you want to find even cheaper lenses be sure to check out our discount costume contact lenses. Get the same awesome lenses for an even better price! With just as much variety in our sale as across the rest of our website, if you are unsure about whether you will like fashion lenses this is the perfect option for you. From novelty designs to creepy eyes, you are sure to have fun browsing through the lenses.

Are you sick of your glasses ruining your scare factor? Make sure to check out our Halloween contact lenses UK prescription. With plenty of creepy styles including creepy white contacts, you are sure to find the perfect addition to your costume. It isn’t just Halloween contact lenses prescription, if you are looking to dress up for another occasion or fancy dress party then make sure to browse our prescription section. You can choose the power for each eye for a close match to your prescription.

Affordable costume contact lenses

You may have shopped fancy dress contact lenses Argos but have you ever shopped on a website dedicated to fashion contact lenses? Here at Colored Contacts, we love to help you find the perfect style for your costume. We love finding funky new styles for you to try out. Halloween contact lenses eBay or Amazon is just as good as Colored Contacts products. The difference is, here at Colored Contacts we also have a blog so you can explore different fancy dress ideas and get handy tips on how to look after your lenses. We release new posts every week so you can keep up with the coolest costumes and contact lens styles!

Before trying out a pair of our costume coloured contact lenses it is important to check your eye suitability with your eye doctor or optometrist. If you have any concerns or questions make sure to ask your eye specialist before using our products. Once you have established your eye suitability, you can browse through the hundreds of fashion lens styles we stock!

Our contact lenses are all FDA-approved so you can be sure you are receiving safe Halloween contact lenses UK to help your spooky night go smoothly. The lenses are made from soft lightweight materials so your eyes are sure to be comfortable. Our breathable contacts are made using a high-quality manufacturing process. The other awesome feature of our lenses is the vivid pigmentation. We use the brightest, boldest colors so you can achieve the best results. No matter what your original eye color, our bright colors ensure your eyes will have full coverage.

We have a few options for duration, from 1 day to 90 day to 1 year. Our daily lenses require the lowest maintenance. Simply wear once then throw away. If you hate the fuss of storing contact lenses then this is the option for you. Make sure to always insert your contacts in sanitary conditions to prevent the possibility of introducing harmful bacteria into your eye. If you would like to re-create your look or are inspired to do some photoshoots then check out our 90 day and 1 year lenses. As long as they are properly maintained these lenses are re-useable. The time period starts once you open your lenses. Make sure to add some eye care solution and a lens case to your basket for a complete cleaning kit. Whether you are looking for Halloween lenses or just love hosting fancy dress parties make sure to browse our costume coloured contact lenses for your coolest accessory yet!