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Regular contact lenses are referred to as soft lenses due to their lightweight material composition for a balance of softness and reusable durability. Soft contact lenses are made from light and durable terpolymer materials that allow more oxygen and hydration for eyes.

Whether you’ve tried contact lenses before or are using our colored contacts for the first time, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with our lens comfort scale. As we’re sure you’re aware when it comes to wearing any contact lenses, there are many things to consider; including recommendations from your optician to find out which style of lenses are best suited for your eyes.

Regular Daily Wear Soft Contact Lenses

If you’re looking for the perfect balance between softness and durability, then our regular contact lenses will be a fantastic choice for your next colored contact lenses. Our range of natural and costume contact lenses are available in a variety of styles and duration. Permitting the advice from your optician, you should find everything you’re looking for at Coloured Contacts. As well as providing a large catalogue of regular soft contact lenses you can rest assured that all of our products are incredibly safe and designed to perfection for your desired use. All of the lenses on Coloured Contacts are both FDA Approved and CE marked to provide reassurance of their premium quality and material composition.

Unlike other retailers, we provide all the information and tools that are necessary for you to comes to an informed decision and find the perfect colored contacts to fit your needs. On our website, you will be able to find a range of care guides that can help you learn how to properly store and maintain your lenses, as well as more detailed and precise information regarding how to read your prescription. As well as this, our various types of contact lenses all include information regarding their unique features including material composition, diameter, base curve and comfort scale. Don’t forget to check out our handy guide on How To Read Your Prescription if you’re buying corrective/prescription contacts lenses.

Where To Buy Regular Colored Contact Lenses

Buying colored contacts can be a difficult decision depending on the style, duration and prescription, you’re looking for. With the types of lenses we offer at Coloured Contacts, you can often find a style of lenses that is available across multiple styles and durations. But one of our most popular types is our regular comfort lenses due to their balance between durability and softness. Within the range, you will find a range of daily, 30 and 90 day contact lenses that can be used to create various costumes or natural styles depending on your look.

But why choose regular contact lenses over durable and super soft? As we mentioned previously, our regular contact lenses offer the best of both styles. If you’re dead set on trying reusable contact lenses so that you can wear them for multiple occasions or are drawn in by their fantastic price point; you may want to consider a pair of 90 day or 30 lenses instead. At Coloured Contacts we stock a variety of contact lenses which all have a variety of material compositions and fit. Particularly these variations can be seen within a lenses base curve or material composition. Please see our specification section of our product pages if you require a contact lens sizes chart for a specific lens. We use this information and feedback from our customers to determine each lenses comfort.

Within our range of regular contact lenses, the longest lasting styles are our 90 day and 30 day marked lenses. Compared to our range of durable contacts, regular colored lenses can offer increased comfort due to their softer material composition; leaving eyes feeling hydrated for longer. The contact lenses disadvantages for super soft styles is that the durations are available in 1 day disposable styles and therefore may not be your first choice if you’re looking to wear your contact lenses on a regular basis!

Styles Of Regular Contact Lenses

Now that you know the benefits and reasons behind choosing a pair of regular comfort contacts, let us talk to you about some of the styles that can be found on Coloured Contacts. Whether you’re in need of the scariest costume lens or a new natural stare, read about some of our styles below.

  • Brown Eye Lenses – Brown contact lenses are a fantastic choice for Cosplay and makeup enthusiasts alike. Our range of regular brown contact lenses can be used for a natural and subtle color enhancement for everyday style, or as an eye catching circle lens for an anime fancy dress or convention costume.
  • Regular Blue Contacts – Blue contact lenses are one of the most popular ranges of natural contact lenses. Using our lens transparency guide you can choose between enhancing, vibrant and full color lenses across our catalogue.

View more of our colored contacts and find a pair of regular contact lenses to suit your needs!