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Opaque contact lenses are contacts that include full color and block designs; offer the highest amount of natural eye color coverage. Due to the high pigmentation of these lenses, there is an endless possibility of potential colors and styles that could be printed onto the lens. The vivid styling and crazy designs featured on opaque contacts often get style names such as FX, full color or high tint lenses. Get ready to costume up with a new pair of contacts that are sure to stand out.

If you naturally sport a darker eye color such as brown then these lenses are great examples of opaque contact lenses for dark eyes. These Cosplay and Halloween contacts have a solid block of color that is sure to mask your natural shades. In designs where the pupil is wider, it may be possible to see the edges of your iris color; keep this in mind when buying opaque colored contacts for dark eyes. However, when it comes to the coverage you won’t get much better than these lenses.

Our Best Opaque Colored Contacts

There are certain styles you should take a closer look at if you are searching for opaque color contact lenses. Most FX should give you the look you are after with an impressive finished design to further improve the look. From animal and anime styles to zombie and werewolf there’s no end to the styles you could be making your own. Here is a selection of our best opaque contact lenses:

  • Blind Contact Lenses – these lenses have an increased opacity due to the printed design covering both the iris and pupil part of the eye. This can create a truly unnerving effect as, especially with styles of white contact lenses, you can have a visually colorless opaque eye.
  • Mini Sclera Contact Lenses – this is the closest style to sclera contact lenses that is currently available on our store. The increased diameter of the contact lens allows more room for color and design. The opaque nature of these contact lenses should not obscure vision.
  • Mesh Effect Contact Lenses – this style of colored contacts feature an opaque design with a crosshatch styled visual effect. As well as an unusual aesthetic these contacts almost produce a semi-transparent feel as you get the blind lens look with increased vision.

Colors are also a vital and important part of selecting colored contact lenses. Our styles of lenses include a whole host of the most vivid and exciting colors available. Opaque lens colors such as red, black and white make great options for all kinds of horror looks including monsters, aliens and even more of the craziest looks you can think of. Colored contact lenses opaque styles unlock a huge range of character styling potential; especially if you are looking to Cosplay an iconic look.

Using Fully Opaque Contact Lenses

It should be noted that some styles including opaque contact lenses blind can partially obscure your vision. Please note this before wearing these colored contact lenses as once opened and worn you will be unable to return these contact lenses. Other kinds of opaque tint contacts have a clear pupil so your vision will not be obscured. However, this can sometimes be affected by the amount your pupil dilates and constricts, as the lens may be visible to your eye if the pupil is widely dilated.

Many people searching for full contact lenses are searching for full-width sclera contact lenses. These have diameters that are designed to cover the entirety of your iris, pupil and sclera. This kind of full eye contact lenses has been used again and again by SFX artists and costume fanatics to help recreate the scariest of looks and Cosplays. Colors of this full eye style include black, red & green which are perfect options if you are costume shopping for Halloween costumes and fancy dress.

If you are unsure as to whether or not the contacts you are viewing are suitable for dark eyes then make sure to use our transparency scale that set for each individual project. Classifications such as vibrant and enhancing denote the level of transparency you will find in our natural effect colored contact lenses, where due to the realistic effect your natural eye color will remain mostly visible.

If you are shopping for opaque contact lenses then there are a few extra pieces of information you’ll want to know about shopping online with Coloured Contacts. Not only do we have cheap and affordable opaque colored contacts, but we have many free shipping options available to our American customers. If you have a last-minute need of opaque lenses for an event, party or convention then make sure to take advantage of our super speedy next day shipping options.