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Enhance your everyday look with Vibrant Contact Lenses. Offering the most coverage in our natural lenses, this range offers various styles of iris that will add an increased level of detail to your eye for a new eye-catching transformation.

When shopping for a pair of vibrant colored contact lenses, one of the first things to consider is your natural eye color. Vibrant lenses can really pack a punch, illuminating your uninspiring natural eye color to a radiant and eye-catching shade. At Coloured Contacts we know how important colored contacts can be to your everyday look or a special occasion dress up; that’s why we’ve created this guide so you can be better informed when choosing your new colored contacts transformation.

Getting Vibrant Contact Lenses

There are many reasons why you may choose one of our vibrant contact styles over one of our other ranges. At Coloured Contacts we’ve classified our premium colored contacts into a three-category transparency scale: Enhancing, Vibrant and Full Color. If you’re shopping for natural contact lens styles, Enhancing or Vibrant contact lenses will be most suited for your needs. These styles of vibrant color contact lenses differ from our full color range by having a varied and complex range of natural iris styles that help add depth and detail to your look at every moment.

If you’re looking for the most coverage from one of our styles of cosmetic contact lenses then we recommend choosing a pair of vibrant contacts going forward. Wearing colored contact lenses is a small step towards a massive change to your look, so choosing a pair that’s best for you is an important step. Depending on your natural eye shade or the final result that you’re looking for, you may want to choose carefully between enhancing and vibrant lenses. Of our range of vibrant styles, you’ll be able to shop through ranges of our popular one tone and glimmer styles. Offering realistic iris designs and a range of color pigments; these natural contacts are a fantastic stepping stone for experimenting with colored lenses or if you’re looking toward adding subtle color to your look.

The way our range of Vibrant contacts differs from Enhancing styles is due to their color pigment, design; but most importantly the coverage. As one of the best vibrant color contacts ranges, you can be sure to find a large range of styles to choose from. At Coloured Contacts our vibrant lenses consist of our Two Tone, Tri Tone, Mystic and Freshlook Color Blends contact lenses. The reason for this classification is due to the fantastic properties and uses our various styles are known for, and if you’re after the ultimate coverage vibrant contact lenses should be your first choice.

When we talk about colored contact lens vibrancies, we’re not just talking about their color pigments. From our ranges of Brown, Hazel, Green, Grey, Violet and Blue our vibrant contact lens range offers bright and pure colors that offer the most natural depth of any of our natural styles. A vibrant contact lens is sure to draw people into your stare and in some cases, these lenses can offer a complete eye color transformation. With their bolder and more detailed iris designs, our vibrant contact lenses can be used on some of the darkest of eye colors by giving more coverage through their larger detailing and therefore giving more attention to their color.

Styles of Vibrant Color Contacts

When deciding upon your new colored contacts lenses it’s important to be aware of all the styles that are available to you. Like we mentioned previously, our vibrant contact lenses range can be found across our whole catalogue of colors including purple, violet, brown, hazel, grey, green and blue. Although this range is focused on natural effect contact lenses, its important know that lenses from this range can also be used as circle contact lenses. If you’re looking for a pair of circle lenses to fit in with your next costume or cosplay our vibrant contacts offer a wide 14mm diameter and bold color pigment.

  • Grey Circle Lenses – See our range of light and dark grey colored contacts available in an array of vibrant iris styles to recreate your look.
  • Vibrant Blue Contact Lenses - Our range of blue contact lenses will upgrade your stare with new tones of sea blue. See our popular Mystic Two Tone range.
  • Honey Color Contacts – Get beautiful brown eyes with our hazel and honey range of contact lenses. A soft and vibrant shade that can be used for every look.

Our transparency scale is here to help you find the perfect lenses for you. If you’re unsure about what style is best for your natural eye color, be sure to take a read of our for dark eyes blogs here.