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Tinted contact lenses will give your eyes a subtle color change in no time at all. Insert your enhancing contact lenses and enjoy the cool color fleck effect without completely covering your natural eye tone. This effect is perfect for those looking for a natural and subtle change. We stock a range of color coverage options to help you find the one that best suits your look.

The coverage of our enhancing lenses depends on your natural eye color. For example, you might find if you are looking for tinted contact lenses for light eyes then most tones will add subtle color to your eyes or will cover your natural iris. Choose an aqua shade to enhance your blue eyes or create a cool contrast with a brown or green lens.

On the other hand, if you need colored contacts for dark eyes then look out for hazel contacts that will add light brown flecks to your naturally dark eye color. If you are looking to change your eye color then why not add some enhancing dark grey, blue or violet flecks to your eyes? The contrast is sure to get you noticed.

Another popular choice is to add green contact lenses to your hazel eyes for an unusual but natural look. As you will see, there are plenty of tones to choose from so you are sure to find the perfect balance between a natural and enhancing look.

Tinted Contacts Lenses Types

If it is tinted contact lenses you are looking for then you have plenty of choices. Generally, the lenses in this colored contacts section come under four different style types:

  • Blend: As the name suggests, the Blend range is designed to merge with your natural eye color for an enhanced shade that is subtle yet stunning. This range can help you to add some hazel tones to your dark eye color or can give you a contrasting color for an unusual duo of tones.
  • Solar: These galactic contact lenses have a tinted color in the shape of a star. Perfect for adding a supernatural enhancement to your eye color. This fun style will give an unusual pattern to the color flecks but is sure to look natural.
  • One Tone: As the name suggests, this style comes in a single tone for a gorgeous unusual eye style. Unlike a natural iris, many of the colors from the one tone range have no limbal ring giving them a bright-eyed appearance that is often used by cosplayers to create doll-like wide-eyed stares.
  • Glimmer: One of our most popular ranges, the glimmer lenses will put the sparkle back into your eyes. These lenses tend to feature a single color iris which is enhanced by subtle glittering flecks.

One of the most important aspects to note about our enhancing styles is that they are tinted soft contact lenses. This means while you enjoy a new color, your eyes can stay comfortable. The soft material will help your eyes to remain hydrated and fresh throughout the day. If you would like to learn more about our different contact lens softness types, then we recommend starting with our super soft contact lenses, here.

Like all our ranges we also stock a selection of prescription colored contact lenses UK and beyond, so you can get the same awesome styles as non-prescription lenses. Most of the prescription lenses come from the Blend range in a variety of color and corrective powers. These natural style lenses have many benefits for those who need prescription lenses. They are soft lenses for your comfort; will provide you with clear vision, and have subtle but stunning color tints. If you are looking for prescription colored contact lenses for dark eyes in particular, then there are a range of shades to try which will either give you a lighter tone or add a brand new color to your iris.

Enhancing Tinted Contact Lenses Ideas

If you would like to see our natural contact lenses being modelled by MUAs then head to our gallery page where you can see our Instagram affiliates showing off their favorite styles. Be sure to consider the affiliates natural eye color so you can get an accurate and realistic view of how our tinted contact lenses look on a variety of tones.

Remember these contact lenses will not completely cover your iris but will give you a slight color change. Many people enjoy tinted contact lenses for this reason. The change is so slight that it makes it look as realistic as possible. It is enough to give you the confidence to try out a new eye shadow palette, or walk into a big event, or create a cool cosplay of a character you have always admired. These natural lenses are the simple way to re-invent your look and their enhancement colors are sure to put the sparkle back into your eyes.