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    Have a spooky Halloween with our blind contact lens range. Are you ready to go to a fancy dress party in style? We don’t think so. Take a look at your eyes; do they match the demon look you are rocking? Add the finishing creepy touch to a costume by wearing blind contact lenses with vision.

    Our blind contact lenses give the effect of no pupil and iris but they do not impair vision so freak out your friends with a ghostly appearance and play a prank for a real spook-fest. Of course, they don’t have to be for a costume. These lenses might be just what you are looking for to complete your extreme alternative fashion look. Find that extra touch for your Gothic style or add to your cosplay inspired outfits. Blind lenses are perfect for Comicon and will help you be whoever you want. Why not experiment with making creepier versions of your favourite characters?

    For a freaky look your friends will be super jealous of try blind effect contact lenses. Our blind contact lens range comes in a variety of colours so you can find the perfect match. All have been manufactured with high quality pigmentation to ensure complete coverage of your natural colour and pupil.

    A question we are frequently asked is ‘are these blind contact lenses no vision lenses?’. The answer is they will not impair your vision as the lenses are only blind effect. Despite the deceiving bold vivid colouring of the lenses the person behind the lens will be able to see perfectly. So you can have plenty of fun and not even feel like you are wearing coloured contact lenses!

    Blind Eye Contact Lenses Halloween Winner

    Accessorizing your outfit with any of our blind contact lens range will give you solid colour coverage for your iris and pupil that will leave your party guests feeling stunned. There is nothing quite like dealing out a scary prank to liven up your evening. Walk about for a day with blind zombie eyes and see how many people you can surprise.

    Black Blind Zombie Contacts. Give your eyes a blacked out look with these black blind eye contact lenses. People will sink into your pools of darkness and be hypnotised but the spooky effect. Prove yourself to be the king or queen of night with the color blind contacts effect, perfect for an evening out. It’s hard to look away once you have caught a glimpse of these possessed dark eyes.

    Blue Blind Contacts. Want a stare as cold as ice? These aqua blue lenses are on an otherworldly level. Become an ethereal Goddess or find the strength of Poseidon through your eyes. These stunning blind contact lenses are sure to be given a double take. These blind eye contacts are perfect for paring with extreme makeup or costumes. The lenses completely conceal your pupil due to the rich vivid colour. Work your magic in these blue coloured contacts.

    White Blind Eye Contacts. Thought you saw a ghost? Maybe it is thanks to these special effects White Blind Contact Lenses. These versatile coloured contacts could turn you into so many ghoulish creatures, from zombies to spirits. For a blanked out, vacant stare that is sure to give you the shivers. These chilling blind contacts are a must have for fancy dress fanatics. Transform the darkest of eye colours thanks to high quality pigmentation.

    Red Blind Effect Halloween Lenses. Transform into a blood thirsty demon and give yourself devils eyes. These red fancy dress blind contacts with vision will make others believe you are out for blood, although we know it is all really an act. Pair with some fangs and blood drip makeup to create a Count Dracula outfit. Vampire teeth are sure to really set off the red blind lenses.

    Green Blind Effect Lenses. Fancy yourself as the Incredible Hulk? Well you are sure to turn green with envy over these blind coloured contacts. This look is sure to freak out anyone who sees it. These blind contacts are perfect for an extreme alternative fashion St Patrick’s Day outfit or useful for transforming into a cheeky yet freaky goblin. Pair with extreme makeup for a woodland themed photoshoot.

    Blind Contact Lenses for Spooky Occasions

    Can’t wait to try them? One thing is certain, you are sure to attract plenty of attention in any of our blind contact lens range. Lasting from 1 Day to 90 Day and up to 1 Year, we have got your coloured contact needs covered. Whether it is just for a one night party or you want to scare your friends again and again we have got the length to suit you. Leave out the hassle of cleaning and maintaining with the daily pair of lenses or use our handy guides to learn how to properly care for your contacts. All our lenses come with easy to follow instructions. For any advice or concerns we recommend always consulting your optician or eye doctor.

    These contacts are comfortable to wear and are all FDA-Approved. You will forget you are wearing our blind coloured contacts due to the soft feel. Our awesome range is sure to be on par with Amazon and eBay. If you are ready to become a frosty queen or a dark night then make haste and try out our blind contact lens range.

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Perfect for HalloweenCosplay or any occasion where you want to dial up the freak factor, blind contact lenses are the ideal way to totally transform your look in the blink of an eye!

Create a Shocking Look With A Pair Of Blind Contact Lenses

There's no better way to up the ante on a show stopping fancy dress costume than with some blind contac...

Perfect for HalloweenCosplay or any occasion where you want to dial up the freak factor, blind contact lenses are the ideal way to totally transform your look in the blink of an eye!

Create a Shocking Look With A Pair Of Blind Contact Lenses

There's no better way to up the ante on a show stopping fancy dress costume than with some blind contact lenses, the ideal way to take your look from normal to nightmarish in an instant. Ideal for completing any creepy costume or adding an unexpectedly macabre twist to an everyday ensemble, blind full eye contact lenses are guaranteed to attract attention!

For a spook-tastic look, try teaming a pair of blind white contact lenses with a ghostly costume and lashings of freaky face paint for a truly spectral style. Prefer things a little more...horrifying? Try a pair of colored blind lenses (In black or red for maximum freakiness) with an old fashioned frock or smart suit for a look straight outta the pages of Creepypasta.

Whether you're looking for a pair of stark white out lenses or some solid black contacts, you're sure to find the perfect pair for you here at Coloured Contacts. With full sclera lensesblackout contact lensesno pupil styles and solid lens options from amazing brands, the hardest choice you'll have to make is which pair to try first!

High Quality Contacts at Pocket Friendly Prices

Not only are all of our blind contact lenses of the highest quality possible, they're also affordably priced, so you won't need to break the bank in order to experiment with your look. Plus, if you're concerned about compromising comfort for style, then you needn't worry! All of our contact lenses are produced by reputable brands and made from high quality materials, making them safe, comfortable and easy to wear

Contact lenses are a super fun way to switch up your style, but they must be used responsibly. So, even if you do not require glasses or corrective contact lenses, you must consult an optometrist before wearing colored lenses. This is an essential step, as your optometrist will perform a professional fitting to check that your lenses are suitable and ensure that you understand good aftercare procedures. 

Maintaining high standards of hygiene is essential when caring for your contact lenses, as improper care can cause infection, irritation and in extreme cases, could damage your eyes and vision. Please bear in mind the following information:

  • Colored contact lenses should be cleaned, disinfected and stored using appropriate contact lens care products. 
  • NEVER exceed the wear duration stated on the packaging of your lenses. Wearing lenses that have passed their expiration date can lead to infections, loss of sight or permanent damage to your vision. 
  • Discontinue use if your eyes are sore, red or itchy. Immediately remove, clean and store the lenses if your vision becomes blurry or distorted. Seek advice from your optometrist as soon as possible if you experience any of these symptoms. 
  • NEVER swap lenses with another person. This can spread bacteria, potentially causing serious eye infections. 

What's more, each pair of contact lenses we sell come in a fully sealed package, suspended in an eye-safe solution to keep your lenses in tip top condition until you decide to use them.

No matter what you decide to pair your blind contact lenses with, you can be sure to stand out from the crowd in style!