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Wanna be the scariest trick-or-treater on the block this Halloween? Searching for something that's sure to bring a dose of freakiness to your costume? Then you're in the right place! For an instant dose of spine-chilling spookiness, look no further than our horror contact lens range; jam packed with dozens of nightmarish styles that'll scare the pants of your friends and family!

Hair-raisingly Horrific Contact Lenses

One of the best things about our horror contact lens range is the sheer amount of choice we have on offer. With everything from full eye black sclera lenses and bloodshot effect contacts to UV reactive white contacts and milky blind lenses, no matter what costume you're planning to wear, you can be sure to find a hellacious pair of horror lenses to finish it off in style!

Our popular styles include:

  • Sclera: Not for the faint of heart, these full coverage lenses conceal not only the iris and pupil, but the entire sclera (The white part of your eye) too! Great for nailing demon inspired looks, these freaktastic contacts are sure to creep out anyone you happen to lock eyes with!
  • Mini Sclera: With less coverage than a full sclera lens, these contacts are perfect for achieving a 'big eyes' look. Perfect for HalloweenCosplay events, fancy dress parties or theme nights, these lenses will really ensure all eyes are on you!
  • Mesh & Screen: The clue's in the name with these lenses! Typically featuring a micro-mesh style print, these contacts are perfect for robotcybergoth or futuristic costumes.
  • Ultraviolet: If you're the kind of person who craves being the centre of attention, then you're sure to love our selection of UV lenses! These glow-in-the-dark beauties will literally, light up the night and make sure all eyes are on you. What's more, these lenses provide a richly coloured effect even when you're not under a blacklight, so you virtually get two looks in one! Pretty ace, huh?
  • Blind: Cover up and conceal your peepers with these milky, misty look blind lenses. Perfect for accessorising witch costumes, these lenses are sure to unsettle your friends and family!

However, if you're craving something a little more 'out there', we've also got an amazing range of printed contact lenses to choose from! With motifs that include batsspiderscoffins and flames, you can be sure to find your ideal design when you shop with us.

If you're looking to preserve the horror theme, but want your lenses to work with your hair colour or skin tone, then we've got your back! From icy white and inky black to vivid green and rich red, there's a hue that's sure to accentuate your look. With plenty of suitable styles for fair skin, olive skin and dark complexions, you can guarantee that you'll find a pair of horror contactsto complement and enhance your natural beauty.

One of the best bits about our horror contact lens range is that our lenses are non-corrective, so no prescription is necessary when you order! With no need to worry about ordering lenses with the correct curvature, strength or axis, you can simply pick, order and wear your favourite pair! Creating your new look could not be simpler! Please note that if you typically wear corrective contact lenses, be aware that you cannot layer fashion lenses over or underneath prescription contacts. If you require corrective lenses in order to clearly see, then it is wise to wear spectacles whilst you wear these horror lenses.

Unbeatable Quality at Low Prices

Looking for lenses that give a superior level of coverage? Want contacts with maximum colour payoff? If you've previously found that fashion lenses don't completely conceal your natural eye colour or provide patchy, inconsistent coverage, then we've got the perfect antidote. Every pair of contacts in our horror contact lens range feature a highly pigmented, richly coloured finish, making them a match made in heaven for dark eyes! You can be sure to look supremely spooky when you sport a pair of these horrific lenses. Here at Coloured Contacts, we believe that feeling good is just as important as looking good! This is why we only sell contact lenses that are made from soft and breathable materials, to ensure for a comfortable wearing experience. With a high water content to keep your eyes moist and refreshed and an ultra-thinlightweight design, these horror lenses are so comfortable, you'll forget you're even wearing them!

Our lenses don't just look and feel good, they're also rigorously safety tested and quality controlled . We source our horror contact lenses from some of the biggest names in the industry (Such as Eyefusion) and ensure that every pair not only meets the exacting standards of our team of lens experts (Lensperts? We kinda like that!) but that they comply with regulations set by the ISO and the FDA too. So, you can shop with complete confidence, knowing you're purchasing a safe and officially licensed product from a reputable retailer!

Coloured Contacts is our name and rather aptly, also our passion! We're dedicated to bringing you the very best freaky lenses on the market and with creepy designs you simply won't find elsewhere. What's more, we keep our prices low, so that you can shop 'til you drop without maxing out your bank balance! Even ardent fans of Freshlook have been converted by our cheap prices and unbeatable selection, so forget about Amazon and eBay; there's no better place than Coloured Contacts to find your perfect pair of horror lenses.