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Planning on spooking all your friends this Halloween? Want something that'll scare the pants off your nearest and dearest? If you've already got a freaky costume, then a pair of creepy contacts are all you need to complete your look in style!

From milky lenses and UV contacts to pure white contacts and blind lenses there's no better way to get your spooky, un-dead look. So don't look like a fool this party season, ensure that you're in the know and set to scare this Halloween with our guide to using Zombie coloured lenses!

Using Zombie Coloured Lenses: What You Need to Know!

The prospect of inserting and caring for coloured contacts can be a daunting experience if you've never worn any type of lens before. This is why we've made our guide to using Zombie coloured lenses as thorough and informative as possible! So to ensure you use your zombie contact lenses safely and correctly, make sure that before use you:

  • Soak your contact lenses in an eye safe, multi-purpose contact lens solution for a minimum of two hours before use. This step ensures that your lenses will be completely cleansed, neutralised and ready to use.
  • Check the lenses for damage. To effectively do this, ensure that you inspect the edges of the lens for any tears or jagged edges, as well as checking that the lens has no flaws, folds or creases.
  • Most importantly, ALWAYS follow the instructions provided with your contact lenses. The advice contained within the instructions leaflet is extremely important and must be kept, so you can refer to it each time you use your lenses.

Once you've prepared your lenses, carefully read the leaflet and thoroughly cleansed your hands, you can insert them! If you've worn contact lenses before, you'll already be familiar with how to insert them safely; but if you're a novice, here's how to pop in your creepy new contacts:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap and water before touching your lenses. Dry your hands using paper towels instead of a hand towel or cloth to minimise the risk of any residual fibres remaining on your fingers and transferring into your eye.
  • Put the lens storage case on a flat surface and ensure you have easy access to a mirror.
  • Make sure the lens is not inside out. You can do this by popping the lens on the pad of your right index finger and checking that it forms a natural, bowl like shape.
  • Next, look into a mirror and using your left hand, lift the upper eyelid and then insert the lens.
  • Carefully release your eyelid and blink a few times. Then, using your index finger, gently massage your eyelid to help centre the lens.
  • Once you're satisfied with the placement of your lens, repeat the procedure with your other eye.

It's also recommended that you book an appointment with your optician before ordering a pair of cosmetic lenses. Although these lenses are non-corrective and therefore don't require a prescription, we firmly believe that there's no such thing as being too cautious when it comes to ocular safety. This appointment is essential as not only will you be shown how to insert, remove and care for your lenses, but your eye health and suitability to wear the lenses will be assessed.

So now you know how to insert your lenses, what about taking them out? Well, you're in luck, as removing your lenses couldn't be simpler! Here's how we do it:

  • As with insertion, make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap and water before touching your lenses. Dry your hands using paper towels instead of a hand towel or cloth to minimise the risk of any residual fibres remaining on your fingers and transferring into your eye.
  • Place your lens storage case on a flat surface and fill it with an eye safe multi-purpose contact lens solution. Make sure you've got easy access to a mirror and can clearly see your reflection.
  • Starting with the right eye, look up and pull down the lower eyelid with your left middle finger. Using the index finger and thumb of your right hand, carefully and gently pinch the edges of the lens and remove from your eye. Once the lens has been removed, place it into the right hand side of the lens storage case.
  • Repeat this process for the left eye.

Worried about looking after your zombie lenses? Then let us put your mind at rest! Taking care of your fashion lenses couldn't be simpler. If you're planning to purchase some single use contacts, then you'll be pleased to know that no clean up or aftercare is required! Disposable lenses are great for anyone who wants to experiment with a new look for one night only and are the perfect commitment free way to kick up your costumes up a notch. However, if you've purchased reusable 30 day90 day or 1 year contact lenses, you'll need to know how to care for them properly, so that they remain at their best throughout the duration of use.

To keep your lenses in tip-top condition, ensure you:

  • Always store them in their protective case, submerged in an eye safe, multi-purpose contact lens solution. Ensure the case is stored away from direct sunlight and naked flames.
  • Regularly check the lenses for damage or dryness, especially if you're wearing them sporadically. If your lenses become brittle, handle them with extreme care, as they will be very fragile.
  • Clean the lenses on a regular basis to keep them free from bacteria or contaminants.

Please bear in mind that these lenses are for fashion purposes only, so you will not experience any adjustment to your vision and you cannot wear them atop a pair of corrective lenses. Always insert your lenses before you apply any make up and to maintain and preserve the health of your eyes, you must remove these lenses before you go to bed.

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