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Want to dial up the drama this Halloween? Need some seriously spooky costume inspiration? Then you're in the right place! We've got stacks of ideas for horror coloured contacts up our sleeves, so read on to discover all you need to know about our horrific horror contact lenses!

Halloween super fans know that it’s never too early to start planning out an epic costume that commands plenty of attention! The eye-opening and alluring designs of our contact lenses provide you with a fun way to enhance your creepy costume in a flash. What could be scarier than the full black sclera eyes or completely blanked out, pure white eyes? Whatever theme you choose for your next cosplay or Halloween event, our non-prescription contact lenses can give you a fearsomely freaky look!

Le Freak, C'est Chic!

At Coloured Contacts, you will find a range of spine-chilling horror contacts that will change the appearance of your eyes completely, to give them spooky effect. Whether you want glow-in-the-dark cat eyes, bright green witch eyes or vampire eyes with printed fangs, we've got a range of freaky patterns that are perfect for Halloween costumes and a haunting look. Moreover, we offer cheap horror contact lenses that won’t run you much, but still give you the scariest look that evokes fear in the hearts of those who see you.

Our wide selection of horror coloured contacts include animal print, mesh & screen motif, zombie themed lenses, blind design and UV lenses that can complete every spooky Halloween or cosplay dress you would be wearing. For example, blind red coloured contact lenses will not only change up the colour of your eyes, but they will completely conceal your pupil too, giving a blanked out, 'blind' look. Moreover, you can wear these lenses again and again on several Cosplay events and pair them with any dress. There are several other versatile lenses too such as full black sclera lenses, vampire coloured lenses, demon coloured lenses and red cat’s eye lenses that will let you unleash hidden darkeness of your personality.

If you want to have a futuristic sci-fi look with bright, glowing eyes, UV coloured contact lenses are what you looking for! Great for Halloween, Cosplay and night-outs, the horror UV lenses feature a UV reactive finish that glows brightly under ultraviolet light and gives you a breathtaking look in natural light. At Coloured Contacts, you will find some other unique and glamorous horror coloured lenses that you won’t find anywhere else like Freshlook or Amazon.

Still need costume ideas for horror coloured contacts? Check out our favourite styling tips:

  • Witch: Whether you sport an Elphaba inspired ensemble, a cute kawaii costume or something a little more gory, you can guarantee to create a spellbinding look! Perfect for any Halloween occasion, a Witch costume is a classic for a reason. To recreate our favourite bewitching look, pair a long black gown with a black and silver wig, a broomstick and a pointed hat, then finish off with a pair of bright green or violet contact lenses for a piercing stare.
  • Devil: Unleash your inner imp with a pair of devilish contact lenses! Whether you opt for flame lenses, a bright red finish or an inky black shade, you can be sure to create a hellish look. Team with a classic red outfit and horn and tail accessories to show off your bad side!
  • Demon: Nothing is more sinister than a demon costume and our range of full sclera and mini sclera lenses can complete your eerie look in style! Whether you opt for a possessed black look, a pure white finish or a bloody red version, you're guaranteed to lock down a freakish stare.
  • Vampire: From twinkling Twilight vampires and seductive Elvira-esque bombshells to hideous Nosferatu-like creatures, there are dozens of different ways to transform yourself into a blood sucking vampire! For a spooky look, try teaming some blind lenses with your costume or pair with some UV contacts for a hair-raising effect. Whichever style you choose to emulate, you can be sure to scare!
  • Animal: Forget about cute cat costumes, our range of animal lenses are a real walk on the wild side! With designs including fearsome lizard eye lenses, cat's eye contacts, spider lenses and ferocious dragon eye contacts, you can create an animalistic appearance in an instant!

Horror Coloured Contacts: THE Must Have Accessory for Halloween!

Searching for lenses that are suitable for dark eyes? Then you're in the right place! Our all the lenses we sell feature richly-pigmented, brightly coloured finishes that provide great coverage and transform your eyes completely. What's more, we've got plenty of complimentary styles for fair skin and dark skin, so you can pick your perfect look. You won't find a better selection of styles on Amazon or Freshlook!

Our range of freaky horror coloured contact lenses are available as single-use daily disposables, 90-day reusable lenses and 1-year reusable contacts. If you want lenses for Halloween or a one-time event, you can go for single-use, 1-day contact lens and then throw away once the event is over. If you would like to wear them more than once, then non-disposable 90-day or 1-year reusable contacts are a great option for you.

At Coloured Contacts, we only stock products from some of the top brands in the UK, including Eyefusion (Formerly known as EDIT). These high-quality lenses are produced in accordance to ISO regulations and have been approved by the FDA, so you can guarantee you're purchasing a safe, legitimate product.

In addition to that, you also receive the professional support of our friendly customer care team that is always happy to help you with your queries! For those last-minute party planners, we also have next day delivery options in the UK.

Now we've armed you with plenty of styling ideas for horror coloured contacts, why not take the plunge and order yourself a pair of creeptastic contacts?