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The secret to creating a great Halloween costume is originality and authenticity. Our range of zombie contact lenses is sure to have the perfect accessory to transform your outfit from zero to hero in the blink of an eye.

There are so many ideas for zombie coloured contacts that will make your costume the hottest at the party. If you want to use spooky eyes to finish off your zombie costume, we’ve put together just a few costume ideas to get you going.

Classic Zombie

For a classic zombie costume (think 90’s horror movie), all you need are some old clothes to cut holes in, a pair of zombie contacts and lashings of fake blood. You can make your zombie costume even more authentic by using some white makeup and applying dark purple circles under those spooky eyes; just make sure that you insert your creepy contacts BEFORE applying any make up.

You can even get your hair in on the zombie action by applying a generous helping of chalky dry shampoo or talcum powder, then backcombing some static volume to those locks to create a standing-on-edge finish!

Be clever with your application of fake blood to ensure you avoid a tacky Halloween costume, try dabbing some on subtle areas like the neck, top of the head and the hands to create a truly gory look. Paired with your zombie contacts and a creepy walk, you’ll have everyone at the party running for their lives!

21st Century Zombie

If you think you’re a little too hip to go for an old-fashioned zombie costume, why not put a modern twist on the idea? Using our white zombie contacts or Sclera contacts, you can opt for a modern outfit paired with some lifeless eyes for a truly chilling appearance that will have everyone doing a double-take. Pair these subtly creepy coloured contacts with some dark eye makeup for an even more haunting face, just make sure you always insert your zombie contact lenses BEFORE applying your make up.

Because of the understated nature, this idea for zombie coloured contact lenses is versatile enough to wear for a festival or a night out, just to bring a spooky edge to your outfit. After all, who wants to blend in with the crowd?

Dark Zombie

If your main goal at Halloween, or any other fancy dress party, is to be the scariest, take your zombie costume up a notch by making it as dark as possible! The best way to do this is to pair some milky contacts (featuring a milky white finish that covers the pupil and iris) with black clothes and a variety of latex special effect prosthetics!

You can use prosthetics to create the illusion of all manner of gory effects with everything from monstrous head wounds to gouged-out limbs! When you pair these with some of our zombie contacts, you’ve got an authentic-looking costume that is perfect for Halloween.

The Walking Dead Cosplay

AMC’s hit series The Walking Dead has thrusted zombies into the spotlight more than ever in recent years, and if you’re a fan, why not recreate a zombie themed Cosplay this Halloween?

Use tatty clothes, wigs, make up and prosthetics to lay the foundations for a truly spooky brain-eating costume. You can finish it all off by checking out the huge variety of zombie contacts for sale online.

Whatever ideas for zombie coloured contacts inspire you, it is an indisputable fact that when it comes to costume contactszombie contact lenses are the kings of all that is spooky. So don’t settle for a tacky Halloween mask, do scary in sophisticated style this year with a pair of cosmetic lenses.

Inspired By These Ideas For Zombie Coloured Contacts?

There are many things to think about when deciding to buy zombie contacts online, but here are the most important factors:

  • Quality – whilst it’s great to find a pair of cheap zombie contact lenses, always make sure that an affordable price tag does not come at the expense of the product’s quality. When it comes to eye health, it is important to buy zombie contacts that are from reputable brands like Eyefusion (formerly known as EDIT).
  • Delivery – If you’re buying costume contacts online for a party, make sure there is a delivery service that suits you. If you’ve left it until last minute to get your zombie contacts, you’re going to need to find a company that offers fast, next day delivery.
  • Prescription – The majority of zombie contacts online will be non-prescription contacts, purely intended for cosmetic colour change purposes. Double check that the lenses you are purchasing won’t affect your vision to ensure you have a great wearing experience.
  • Vendor – There are many places you can buy zombie contact lenses online from including marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay or specialist companies like Coloured Contacts. Whichever company you choose, make sure you are selecting one that has experience in the cosmetic contact lens industry; also make sure you are only purchasing from leading brand names like EDIT.
  • Shipping – Ensure your contact lenses can be safely shipped to your home address, this is particularly important if you are ordering from outside of the UK/USA.

If you follow this advice, you can rest assured that you will find the perfect pair of lenses and that you’ll be able to use any of our ideas for zombie coloured contacts safely and without irritation.

To find even more zombie costume ideas to inspire your next Halloween outfit, you can refer to user-based online ideas boards like Pinterest to find some great tips on how to create your zombie costume. The great thing about websites like this is that they will not only show you how to make costume accessories at home to save you money, but there are often great ideas for how to perfectly coordinate your make up with your new zombie contact lenses.

For tips and advice on how to use your zombie contact lenses, including how to insert and remove, don’t forget to visit our ‘Using Zombie Coloured Lenses’page.