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If you’re searching for a way to make your Halloween costume even scarier this year, there’s only one thing you need to do and that’s get zombie eye contact lenses! There are so many costume ideas to try out for fancy dress parties, but the authenticity of any costume is easily let down by missing out on those fine details and finishing touches. With zombie contacts, you can bring a whole new level of realism to any zombie-inspired costume that will really give your look scare-appeal.

Creepy contacts have always been a sure-fire way to impress at a fancy dress part or event, but in recent years they have been growing even more popular, thanks to some serious media-exposure in the TV and film industry. Horror hits like The Walking DeadDawn Of The Dead and 28 Days Later have been shining the spotlight on these ghouls and inspiring plenty of Halloween outfits as a result! One way to make sure that your zombie costume stands out from the crowd is to select the perfect pair of zombie lenses to finish off your look.

Get Zombie Eyes Contact Lenses: Just Choose From Sclera, White or Even Milky!

There is a huge variety of options available, so when you decide to get zombie eyes contact lenses, make sure that you choose the pair that suit you. A few examples of our favourite designs are as follows:

  • Sclera Contacts – These sinister-looking creepy contacts actually provide coverage not just to the iris and pupil, but also encroach on the sclera (white space) of the eye. Perfect for creating a zombie effect; these spooky contact lenses take all signs of life from your stare and leave you with a haunting, blank expression.
  • Milky Contacts – We have all seen the classic white zombie eyes, with a glazed and unfeeling finish. These zombie eye contacts really are a brilliant way to replicate all your favourite zombie movie idols. Because of the richly pigmented milky effect in these white contacts, they provide excellent coverage over the iris, making them great even for dark eyes.
  • White Contacts – Classic white contact lenses are a pretty safe bet when it comes to creating all kinds of costumes, so why not invest in some white spooky eyes that you can flaunt again and again?

So now you know which kind of styles you can go for to finish off a zombie costume, you might be wondering "what else do I need to think about before I get zombie eyes contact lenses?" the answer is quite a lot! There are some very important things to consider when looking to buy zombie contacts online and we’re not just talking about how spooky they are.

When choosing your perfect pair of cosmetic contact lenses, you need to consider the quality of the lenses and reliability of both the brand and vendor. By shopping with us, you get the assurance that all of our contact lenses are quality tested, packaged and delivered securely and from leading eye accessories brands such as Eyefusion. Though we offer affordable, competitive pricing on all of our coloured contact lenses, you might be tempted to get zombie eyes contact lenses cheaper from a website or store. Whilst this may seem like a great deal, always remember that your eyes are very delicate and precious organs and that if you opt to buy contacts from inexperienced vendors, you will not receive the same level of assurance that you get when purchasing through us.

As well as considering the quality of your costume contacts, when you buy zombie contacts online, it’s always important to visit an optician or optometrist to check your suitability for wearing cosmetic lenses, as well as carefully following all instructions that come with the product. For more information on safety and how to use zombie eyes contacts, make sure you visit our ‘Using Zombie Coloured Lenses’ page.

After you have considered all of this, you’re ready to go and get zombie eyes contacts! The great thing about our lenses is that they are all designed for cosmetic colour change purposes therefore you won’t need a prescription and they won’t affect your vision at all. Creepy contacts are the perfect accessories for bringing a dose of scariness to your Halloween costume, without resorting to tacky masks!

Not only do zombie contacts look fantastic paired with a zombie costume for the spookiest night of the year, Halloween, they’re also subtly scary enough to bring an edge to any night out or even a Cosplay convention! Hit zombie TV series, The Walking Dead, has many brain-eating characters that you can replicate to ensure everyone runs when you enter the room.

If you’re worried you may have left your party-planning a little too late, we’ve got you covered. With our speedy delivery service options, including next day delivery to all addresses within the UK, we do all we can to make sure you have your awesome spooky eyes in time for the big night! So if the party is almost here, order now to make sure all eyes are on you.

Whether you opt for Sclera contactswhite contacts or milky contacts, we have so many zombie contacts for sale that you can browse the entire collection from the comfort of your sofa. Say goodbye to traipsing the shopping centre looking for the same tired old Halloween props, stick with us and complete your costume in sophisticated style this year.