F.ukuro AKA Dayna Beagle is a UK based Cosplayer best known for her fantastic Cosplays of Junko Enoshima and Toga Himiko. As well as these anime characters she can also be seen recreating characters such as Touka Kirishima of Tokyo Ghoul and Mina Ashido of Boko No Hero Academia.  

We first collaborated with Dayna for Hyper Japan 2019, where she wore our popular Yellow Avatar contact lenses for her Himiko Toga look. In this gallery you can find images of Dayna’s incredible cosplay using our lenses taken by herself and popular Cosplay photographers @ninetythirdstreet and @theegoldenpie.

Want to see more of Dayna’s work? Follow her social links below and find @fukurocos on TikTok!

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