Reinvent Your Look with Pink Contact Lenses

Reinvent Your Look with Pink Contact Lenses

Whether you’re new to the world of colored contacts or have bought countless pairs of different styles and colors, you may have overlooked the awesome effects of some pink contact lenses. Being the color of love and compassion, the addition of some light pink color contacts will give you the fun-loving and buoyant look that will impress friends, family and anyone graced by your gaze. Just take a look at some of these pink lenses that you should think about adding to your look. These lenses are a great addition for flaunting fashion, completing Cosplay costumes or being the pinnacle of party pageantry.


Plenty of Pink Colored Contacts!

Pink Colour Contacts

Starting off subtle, it’s easy to highlight your eyes with just a small amount of pink color. A great example of this is the Pink Butterfly Colored Contact Lenses which feature funky filigree around the iris. These are best suited for a fashion statement that you don’t want to be forgotten in a hurry.

Pink Circle Lenses

Of course, highlights of pink aren’t always subtle as is the case with these pink circles lenses. With two pink rings around the iris and pupil, the hypnotic effect of the Black Pink Bullseye Colored Contact Lenses is clear. Just looking at them, it’s hard to look away from their stunning color effect.

One of the more conventional looks in our range of pink contacts are these Pink Enchanted Colored Contact Lenses which really flash with hot pink on a purple background. There are plenty of different looks that you can achieve with this look, including some supernatural and colorful Day of the Dead makeup just like this fabulous example.

Using Pink Contacts for Costumes

Pink Contact Lenses Cosplay 

We would be crazy not to give you some great ideas for pink contact lenses Cosplay fans will have to use for this year’s Comic Con and other conventions. There are plenty of different characters with iconic pink eyes, but one great example is everyone’s favorite Yandere, Yuno Gasai from the Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) anime series. Despite her murderous tendencies, it’s difficult not to love her bright pink hair and eyes and we have Pink Cosplay Colored Contact Lenses that are absolutely perfect for anyone who wants to create this Cosplay look.

Pink Coloured contacts Pink Contact Lenses UK

But these aren’t the only pink colored contacts that you can use for Anime themed outfits. Both of these Tomoe and Tomoe Anime Colored Contact Lenses have a pink iris effect with several white dots for a reflective effect. Try them out for yourself and you’ll be searching for all the Cosplay costumes that you can create using your favorite pink contact lenses.

Don’t forget that we deliver pink contact lenses uk and internationally so you can get the lenses you need without worry. That includes our newest delivery options to Canada! If you try any of our pink contact lenses, make sure to send us a selfie of your look to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram because we love seeing your creativity. You can also follow our social media and we will provide you with all the information you need on Coloured Contacts.

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Reinvent Your Look with Pink Contact Lenses

Reinvent Your Look with Pink Contact Lenses

Learn all about the pink contact lenses that we have on our website. There is some for everyone, whether you're a fan of fashion, Cosplay costumes or great party outfits.

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