Valak Contact Lenses: Conjuring Demon Nun Looks For Halloween

Valak Contact Lenses: Conjuring Demon Nun Looks For Halloween

Valak Contact Lenses are yellow coloured contacts used for scary Nun costumes. Inspired by the series of Conjuring and Annabelle horror films, this style of Halloween lenses create a golden orange eye effect. Makeup artists and horror film fans can now easily recreate the scary yellow eyes of the notoriously evil and demonic monster.

Valak is a demonic spirit that takes many different forms. As well as taking the form of the Crooked Man, this demon is most commonly recognised in films as the Evil Nun. She haunts and possesses her victims by making them commit heinous acts. The Nun is both a formidable and terrifying character who has an equally scary pair of beady yellow eyes. We think a Valak costume will make for a totally terrifying Halloween look and will be a simple fancy dress for anyone to try out.

Demon Nun Contact Lenses

You’ll find the lenses above in our Yellow Contact Lenses section. For more variations and shades of eye colour, make sure to also take a look at our Gold Contact Lenses and Orange Contact Lenses sections. The Nun’s eyes are a perfect match for our contact lenses as they all feature a round and solid yellow colour iris. For an ultimate look, you should take a look at which UV contact lenses we have to offer.

Yellow is a truly unnatural and crazy colour for your eyes. You can easily reinvent the Valak Conjuring 2 costume where we think that the gleaming yellow eyes are the focus of her look. Paired with a nun habit and some sheet-white face paint and you've got the makings of a demon nun fancy dress outfit! Check out some of our affiliate work below for some more inspiration.

Or, if you’re after even more monstrous and demonic contact lens styles, then make sure to head to our extensive Demon Eyes section! You’ll find all kinds of styles to help freak out your friends during your spooky October Halloween parties.

As always, we couldn’t resist but feature the work of talented affiliates who have incorporated our lenses into their formidable Valak make up. We love the oil-painted effect from @makeup_by_rups which has captured the look from the chilling Valak painting scene in the Conjuring 2. We are always impressed by the incredible work of @artbybmazz and truly love the teeth prosthetics included in this look. 

Horror Lenses for Halloween Costumes

If you love monsters from all kinds of horror films, then we definitely have plenty more costume and makeup inspiration when it comes to movie villains. Valak is just one of the many styles of monster we cater for in our range of scary contact lenses. If you love your horrors and B-movie monsters then make sure to take a look at more of our blogs for additional inspiration:

As well as the yellow eyes of the demon nun, you're sure to find all kinds of spooky lenses in our Halloween contact lenses section. All of our lenses are made from high-quality materials and are both safe and comfortable to use. Discover all of the styles we have available in our dedicated Halloween store below.

Got a scary nun costume to share? We are always excited to see how you wear our coloured contact lenses, so make sure to send us your picture via our social media channels - FacebookInstagram and Twitter! Tagged pictures may get reposted!

Image Credits: Thank you, as always, to our amazing affiliates and contact lens users who have allowed us to use their pictures in our blog posts. You make posts like this possible and your work deserves to be celebrated. We have, and always will, link to any artists featured, so make sure to check out their work and give them a follow. Find more affiliate information, click here.

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Valak Contact Lenses: Conjuring Demon Nun Looks For Halloween

Valak Contact Lenses: Conjuring Demon Nun Looks For Halloween

Get scary yellow eyes to match the terrifying look of Valak, the Demon Nun, made famous by the Conjuring horror films.

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