Spooky Contact Lenses For Halloween

Spooky Contact Lenses: Spooky Eyes For Halloween Fancy Dress

Spooky Contact Lenses are often worn for Halloween, to complete your costume for a fancy dress party and trick or treating. They can vary in color and design but white zombie contact lenses are most popular. You can also create skeletons and popular culture characters such as Chucky.

Our top priority when selling our products is to ensure they are safe Halloween contact lenses UK. All our products are covered by an FDA approval and certain styles also feature a CE mark so you can be confident that our lenses are fit for purpose. The lenses feature high-quality pigmentation so you can enjoy color that will stand out against your spooky costume.

We have chosen a selection of our affiliates wearing different styles of colored contact lenses to show you the best spooky eyes. There are endless options for which costumes you could try, so let your creative side free and enjoy choosing your new spooky look. Whether you are saving it for Halloween or love to dress up in your scary get-up all year round, we would love to see your look so why not tag us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram?

Spooky Fancy Dress Contact Lenses UK

We have @miss_stryx starting off our spooky styles with the Black Cross Halloween Colored Contact Lenses. This Halloween contact lenses design gives a spooky dead-inside vibe or could look like you are the next target. One thing is for sure, these lenses are going to seriously freak out your friends. @miss_stryx has styled them with a black and white striped makeup style.

Spooky Contact Lenses

In contrast to Miss Stryx’s full face of body paint, @beautyinthe_shadows has created a half skull style. This can be super spooky, especially when you blend it with your natural skin, just like @beautyinthe_shadows has. In this look, she has paired a Natural Gray Lens with our classic White Mesh Halloween Lenses. This style is always popular for creating creepy characters and is also available with a Halloween contact lenses UK prescription.

Spooky Eyes

Another of our popular scary contact lenses is the White Manson Halloween Colored Contact Lenses. These complete our trio of white lenses and feature a plain white iris with black limbal ring. As @margo.horror_beauty demonstrates, these lenses can work wonderfully when paired with bold eye makeup. We love the bright blue skeleton style. Imagine bumping into this spooky character at a party!

Halloween Contact Lenses

Spooky Halloween Contact Lenses

It isn’t just our white lenses that are perfect for creating spooky styles. Check out this look for @makeup_by_rups, featuring our Red Blind Lenses. The spooky devil effect is perfect for re-creating classic horror film styles.

Spooky Contact Lenses

If you aren’t ready to purchase some of our higher-end lenses then why not begin with Halloween contact lenses cheap from our sale section. Check out @typical_white_girl_sfx wearing our Steelyard Colored Contact Lenses, now £4.99 to UK customers. The cheap Halloween contact lenses non prescription range from Terminator styles to novelty bats.

Scary Contact Lenses

Another popular range of spooky contacts is our Halloween contact lenses prescription. We know it can be a nightmare when you have the perfect scary costume but your glasses frames cramp your style. With our prescription lenses, you can enjoy clear vision and add to your creepy style with the perfect design. Please remember if you are shopping from America, you will be asked to complete an RX check when you checkout. This is to check your optometrist agrees that your eyes are suitable for the lenses you have selected.

As you can see there are plenty of opportunities across our website to try out spooky contact lenses. Why not explore our virtual mirror to help you choose your perfect look? Browse our HalloweenZombieScary and Freaky sections for more designs.

Image Credits: Thank you, as always, to our amazing affiliates and contact lens users who have allowed us to use their pictures in our blog posts. You make posts like this possible and your work deserves to celebrated. We have, and always will, link to any artists featured, so make sure to check out their work and give them a follow. Find more affiliate information, click here.

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Spooky Contact Lenses: Spooky Eyes For Halloween Fancy Dress

Spooky Contact Lenses: Spooky Eyes For Halloween Fancy Dress

We want you to feel confident that your Halloween costumes look their best. With Spooky Contact Lenses, you could take your fancy dress style to the next level and get a seriously scary look!

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