Halloween Costume Makeup Ideas For 2018 with Colored Contacts

Halloween Costume Makeup Ideas For 2018 | Colored Contacts

Coming to grips with what this year’s number one Halloween costume can be a hard thing to try and pin down. Luckily for you though, there are a tonne of great quick and easy styles to try out, all you’ll need is a pair of our contact lenses in order to bring it to life. So with that in mind let us talk you through some of our best Halloween Costume Makeup ideas for 2018 that have been brought to use from our talented affiliates. 

The Best Halloween Costumes Makeup

When it comes to picking your costume there is normally a few options. The costume you wear every year regardless of your parties theme, something quick and easy or the latest trending topic. In this blog we have a few options of Halloween Costumes Makeup from our affiliates that can help inspire any style you tend to lean towards.

One of our most recent posts which we feel will take this Halloween by storm is a Venom 2018 costume. This year Venom is finally hitting the big screens, and it’s time to show appreciation for this long awaited anti-hero with some scary contact lenses and Halloween costumes makeup!

Our talented affiliate @margo.horror_beauty has recently tagged us in the literal jaw dropping Venom symbiotic post. The amount of effort and detail that has gone into this is incredible! And we feel that a pair of white zombie contact lenses easily makes it one of the top Halloween makeup costumes for 2018!

Lenses: White Mason and Green Dolly @colouredcontacts Face: Maybelline Anti-Age the Eraser Eye Concealer; @maybelline Max Factor Lasting Performance100; @maxfactor + NYX Total Control 01; NYX HD Finishing powder; Contouring: NYX Highlight and contour Pro Palette. Cheeks NYX Sweet Cheeks Palette; Eyebrow: NYX Eyebrows gel Brunette; Eyes: NYX Epic Ink Liner Black; Glitter Gold; Eyelashes: Maybelline Colossal Big Shot; False lashes: NYX Wicked Lashes Amplified; Art: @mehronmakeup ParadiseAQ; NYX Vivid Brights Creme Colour Love Overdose; NYX SFX Creme Colour Red; @nyxcosmetics_ua @nyxcosmetics #nyxcosmetics #maybelline #tattoo #makeup #instamakeup #cosmetic #fashion #selfie #eyeshadow #lips #foundation #lipstick #mascara #palettes #mua #facepaint #makeupartist #youtube_blogs #youtube_blogger #faceart #amazingmakeupart #muas_club #venom #100deysofmakep #fantasymakeupart #веном #maybellinenewyork #nyx #maybelline_ua #amazingmakeupart #mehronmakeup

A post shared by Margo Horror&Beauty (@margo.horror_beauty) on

Fancy trying this look for yourself? Follow @margo.horror_beauty on Instagram here. She updates her Instagram almost daily and regularly posts short ‘how to videos’ on her best looks!

See all of our white contact lenses here!

Halloween Makeup For Coloured Contacts

One way of getting through Halloween with an epic costume with minimal effort is by choosing one of the classic costumes. You’ll always thing Halloween makeup easy with zombie and skeleton costumes, but it’s the added detail that makes all the difference!

In one of his latest blog posts, @ry_fx showed us all his tribute to the late Zombie Boy with makeup representation of his iconic tattoos and a pair of our Green Contact Lenses. This look is a great choice for people that would like to show off their appreciation for zombie boy, but also for those who enjoy creating a costume into a work of art!

Check out @ry_fx’s Instagram account here for more fantastic posts!


Creepy Makeup Ideas From Coloured Contacts Affiliates

If you’ve been following our content for even a small amount of time, you will be well aware of how many extraordinary Instagram Halloween makeup posts we’ve had our lenses featured in.  The Coloured Contacts store is full of hundreds of different styles of lenses and we have something for almost any character you can think of.

Check out the list of our featured blog posts below to see the iconic looks created by some of the finest affiliates on Instagram!

Exorcist Contact Lenses, Halloween Costume Ideas 2018   Walking Dead Zombie Contact Lenses, Zombie HAlloween Costumes

Valac Costume Contact Lenses, The Conjuring Halloween Cosplay   Blind Contact Lenses Ideas, Halloween Costumes, Demon and Skeleton

So there you have a few high quality Halloween makeup ideas for your 2018 costume! If you know exactly what you’re looking for then remember to check out our Halloween contact lenses section here. There's something for almost any costume! Check out all of our affiliate work through our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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Halloween Costume Makeup Ideas For 2018 | Colored Contacts

Halloween Costume Makeup Ideas For 2018 | Colored Contacts

Have a look at some of the best Halloween Costume Makeup Ideas For 2018 with Coloured Contacts. With styles such as the white blind zombie contact lenses and inspiration from talented make up...

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