Halloween Costumes Inspired by Japanese Demons: Yokai looks by EstrellaMeow

Halloween Costumes Inspired by Japanese Demons: Yokai looks by EstrellaMeow

We had the chance to talk to Spanish cosplayer @EstrellaMeow. She has launched a Halloween series of Yōkai makeup looks which are inspired by Japanese folklore. If you love Japanese culture and want the opportunity to wear an original costume this Halloween then make sure to follow @EstrellaMeow.

Based in Seville, Estrella is not only a model and Cosplayer, but she also works as a professional prop-maker, using her talents to create all kinds of weapons and armour. Her current series is inspired by Japanese Yōkai and is in collaboration with us, here at Coloured Contacts.

Attracted by the superstitions and scary stories that are so popular in Japan, Estrella had the idea to create spooky Cosplays for Halloween that were not only shocking enough for the most terrifying night of the year but also stayed true to the spirit of the Japanese culture that she admires so much. Her creativity and ability to characterize, together with her experience as a Cosplayer and her passion for the Japanese legends, led to these spectacular looks with our colored contacts.

What does Yōkai mean?

The Yōkai are supernatural creatures from Japanese folklore, more powerful than mortals and often associated with demons or monsters. Many Yōkai have a human appearance with animal features. Their chilling appearance and the horrifying legends that surround them make them the perfect Halloween Cosplay.

The Yōkai are protagonists of all kinds of ghostly stories, disturbing fables and tragic love stories. To recreate the mystical characteristics of these spooky creatures, EstrellaMeow has selected the following contact lenses from our Halloween colored contacts range:

  • White Mesh Halloween Contact Lenses
  • Red Mesh Halloween Contact Lenses
  • Yellow Cat’s Eye Contact Lenses
  • Mystic light Grey 2 Tone Prescription Contact Lenses

So far, EstrellaMeow has posted a selection of her unique looks inspired by Japanese demons and has more coming soon. Her first cosplay is a version of Yuki-onna who is associated with the most fatal winter storms. The second look is of Jorogumo also known as the spider woman, for whom EstrellaMeow has chosen the version from the video game, Nioh. Without a doubt, they are an original style in terms of DIY costumes for Halloween. Forget about the usual zombie and witch costumes and try something new this year!

As seen in her images, for her Yuki-onna Yōkai makeup, EstrellaMeow has chosen our White Mesh Lenses.


Application Rating


Comfort Rating


Colour Rating


Price Rating

Overall Rating, White Contact Lenses

For Jorogumo, the fearsome spider woman who hunted men by attracting them with the sound of a biwa, a traditional Japanese lute instrument. The lenses featured by EstrellaMeow are Red Mesh Halloween Contact Lenses.


Red Mesh Lenses, Application


Red Mesh Lenses, Comfort


Red Mesh Lenses, Colour


Red Mesh Lenses, Price

Cosplay Contact Lenses Rating

EstrellaMeow plans to release two more creepy Cosplays inspired by Japanese mythology and folklore so look out for these on her social media:

  • Kitsune - the immortal spirit of the fox, able to shapeshift into human form to seduce mortals.
  • Kuchisake-onna - a demonic spirit in the form of a woman who wanders every night looking for new victims to kill while crying "Am I beautiful now?"

We can’t wait to see how these characters turn out! Don’t miss the opportunity to see more work of EstrellaMeow and follow her here:

Twitter: @EstrellaMeowlol
Instagram: @estrellameowcosplay
Twitch: estrellameow
Facebook: @EstrellaMeowCosplay

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Halloween Costumes Inspired by Japanese Demons: Yokai looks by EstrellaMeow

Halloween Costumes Inspired by Japanese Demons: Yokai looks by EstrellaMeow

We talked to cosplayer @estrellameow about her Halloween series featuring Coloured Contacts. Learn about Japanese Yokai folklore and check out her cosplays based on characters from these tales.

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