Shop With Free UK Delivery: Limited Time Only

Shop With Free UK Delivery: Limited Time Only

Here at Coloured Contacts, we have just launched a limited time offer for free standard UK delivery on all UK orders! Enjoy 2-3 working days shipment totally free of charge.

Use the money you have saved on shipping to shop our sale lenses from just £2.99. This is the cheapest we have ever offered an order on our website so be sure to make the most of it before it is gone!

If you haven’t tried our contact lenses before then why not start with a bargain pair from our discount sale? Unlike other cheap contact lens sites, you can be sure that our sale lenses are of the exact same high quality as the rest of our stock.

Featuring FDA Approved and CE Marked lenses, we ensure all our lenses are fit for purpose and are of the highest quality. The soft materials will allow your eyes to breathe and stay hydrated, meaning you are less likely to experience dry and uncomfortable eyes.

Shop Our Natural Collection

Natural Contact Lenses

Did you shop with us during the Halloween period? While we love costume style contact lenses we also love to encourage customers to try out our natural range. This range features stunning colors such as blue, green, brown and grey that could help you switch your eye color in an instant.

You may be asking why you would want to change your iris color. Imagine the clothing options and color palettes that will open up to you if you are able to choose your eye color. With every shade available to match with your makeup and hairstyle, you can open up your options. The sky is the limit!

We have also been lucky enough to see plenty of cosplayers trying out our natural and anime lenses to totally transform themselves into a new character. Remember all this comes with free UK delivery so you can save those last remaining pennies for a different costume accessory.

If you want to stick to your favorite costume styles then we still have plenty of our top designs available after the Halloween period. Are you looking for some new fancy dress inspiration? Why not head to our gallery to see how our lenses look when worn by our affiliates? You are sure to find some cool ideas from their awesome creations!

Multibuy Madness

On top of free UK delivery, you can shop in our multibuy using the links below:

As you can see there are plenty of ways to save some money and grab a bargain during the festive period so be sure to shop with Free UK Delivery, here! And don't forget to visit our natural range for an iris color transformation. Available in Daily and 90 Day options, you are sure to find the perfect match.

Free UK Delivery

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Shop With Free UK Delivery: Limited Time Only

Shop With Free UK Delivery: Limited Time Only

Free UK Delivery is now available on all UK orders. Switching your natural eye color with our enhancing contact lenses just became a whole lot cheaper. This offer is available on all natural,...

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