Introducing Our New Coloured Contacts Gallery

Introducing Our Coloured Contacts Gallery | New Feature

We know you all want to see what our contact lenses look like in real life and on a variety of eye colors which is why we have created this brand new page just for you! Our Coloured Contacts gallery page will allow you to see talented Instagram makeup artists wearing our lenses with a variety of looks, from Halloween to natural.

These experienced makeup artists can give you plenty of inspiration for styling your lenses plus some have even created handy guides about using colored contacts. Explore the different features of our gallery page below.

Search by Affiliate

Coloured Contacts Gallery

Click View Affiliate to see the full profile of an artist that has caught your eye. On each affiliate page, you will be able to see a bio about the artist, their social media channels, a range of their images featuring our colored contact lenses and blogs they have been featured in.

See something you like? Be sure to click on the social links and follow the artist on Instagram or one of their other social platforms!

Alternatively, you can click View Product. This will take you directly to the contact lenses they are wearing so you can take a look at the design in close detail.

If you are interested in seeing how the lenses look on different eye colors then take a look at affiliates such as @queenofluna and @makeup_by_rups to see how our lenses look on naturally dark eye tones. Check out @fancymay_makeup and @courtneyleighhollins to see our lenses in action on lighter eye shades.

Search By Color Or Design

CC Gallery Page , Colours

If you have a particular color or design in mind for your next costume but need help choosing a specific look then why not browse by color? This is sure to inspire you to try out some new face paint and makeup styles, so you can impress at your next fancy dress or cosplay event.

If you love a specific color then you may find a particular affiliate that shares your passion. For example, if you adore purple lenses then take a look at @lindsayh_model’s profile. She matches her purple lenses with vibrant purple hair.

Here is a selection of our most popular costume colors to browse:

See Our Instagram Feed

Instagram Coloured Contacts Gallery

For the most up to date images take a scroll through our Instagram feed. These will show you both our newest lenses and some of our older designs in action. See how the looks change with the seasons from spooky Halloween inspiration to frosty festive looks.

This section of the page will be updated most frequently so be sure to check back regularly for new ideas.

Learn About Lenses With Affiliate Videos

Affiliate Videos

Many of our affiliates have YouTube channels where they share how-to guides on creating makeup looks and costume looks.

We have teamed up with a few of our artists including @makeupmadhouse and @ladyparadoxx to create instructional videos to help you with inserting and caring for your contact lenses.

With so much to explore we hope you will find new makeup artists to inspire you and will enjoy seeing how our lenses look in action as part of real costumes. Look out for cosplay content, festival fashion, costume styles, and natural looks.

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Introducing Our Coloured Contacts Gallery | New Feature

Introducing Our Coloured Contacts Gallery | New Feature

Introducing our new Coloured Contacts Gallery page - a place for you to explore how our lenses look in action! See work from talented makeup artists and cosplayers and explore costume ideas for...

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