Avengers Endgame Cosplay

Avengers Endgame Cosplay : Makeup & Costume Ideas

The latest and final instalment in the Marvel Avengers phase broke record after record on its opening weekend alone. Playing to packed movie theatre screens, it is almost impossible to avoid the Endgame hype. With fans divided about the Avengers matching suits and plenty of talk about the future designs of the suits, Avengers Endgame Cosplay is on everyone’s mind. Here are some of the classic looks from across the Avengers series.

While most people lean towards cosplaying the Avengers for group cosplays, the latest Endgame film has given us a different group idea. We all love a plot that revolves around family feuds, and families don’t get much more dysfunctional than Thanos and his two adopted daughters.

Nebula has one of the more crucial roles in the recent Endgame film. @jassilallsfx has created her own Avengers Endgame makeup with this awesome Nebula look. The mechanical pieces that surround Nebula’s face are sure to be a fun challenge for cosplayers. You can continue the mechanical theme by recreating Nebula’s dark eyes with a pair of black contact lenses.

Avengers Infinity War showed us sibling rivalry at its best. While our favourite sister may be gone, there is still a chance to cosplay as Gamora for your Avengers cosplay just like @mirandavanr. The colour theme is everything in this look so make sure you have a big pot of green body paint, red hair dye or wig, and brown contact lenses. In the comic books she is often depicted with yellow or white eye colour, but Marvel Studios version gave Gamora a dark eye colour.

While there seems to be some debate as to Thanos’ true skin colour due to lighting, CGI, and a suggestion that the lighter purple skin tone symbolises his loss of strength, he is generally shown with bright blue eyes and purple skin. So get ready with your purple body paint, don’t forget to add those deep textures lines, and turn your eyes a brilliant blue. For the most obvious change, especially if you have naturally dark eyes, we recommend choosing your Blue Thanos eyes from the costume contact lenses range. @avada___kedavra has created her own take on Thanos and the Infinity Stones. If you have Avengers Endgame merchandise you may already have the gauntlet to pair with your cosplay.

Cosplaying The Avengers

If you do want to Cosplay Avengers team members then the first step is choosing your character. Here is a glimpse at some cosplays of the characters left to try and undo Thanos’ damage. Tony Stark carries the immense guilt at having lost Peter Parker to Thanos in Infinity War. @cuthbertfx has cosplayed him out of his Iron Man suit, with that fab beard. We love this look 3000! And you can easily recreate something similar with your own Avengers Endgame dress. A black tank top can easily be modified to include Tony’s mechanical heart. This is another character that has a dark natural eye colour in the film. If you are creating the Iron Man suit then why not try a pair of yellow, white or UV contact lenses.

You don’t have to stick to creating look-a-likes of the film. Check out @elenablueskies with this female Thor cosplay. We love this bad-ass look and are super impressed that she made her Avengers Endgame outfits herself! For this look either go with a pair of natural coloured contact lenses or use a pair of white or UV lenses to channel the energy of lightning.

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⏹ More Thor! I wanted to tell you guys a little about the build process (since I never seem to post anything DURING the build ????‍♀️) • ➡️ My armor was all made using 2mm, 4mm, and 6mm foam from @tntcosplaysupply. This was my first time working with foam like this, and it was really a great experience. I started with ideas from @kamuicosplay’s book and went from there! • ➡️ My helmet is 2mm and 6mm foam, with sintra wings to get the right curved shape. I couldn’t have done this without Odin Makes on Youtube (hi @odinabbott) and his fantastic and easy to follow tutorial • ➡️ I sealed my foam with Flexbond, which I am absolutely obsessed with. It’s nontoxic AND sandable AND flexible. Extra perfect for my small Manhattan apartment with two curious doggos who like to sniff/eat everything • ➡️ My swords are EVA foam, insulation foam, and wood dowels, all covered in black worbla. I patterned them in Adobe Illustrator first to make sure the shapes and proportions were right (since I am not a 6’3” Australian man, proportion was extra important!) • ➡️ I had some leftover red double crepe from Vogue in Evanston that was perfect for my cape! I used suede spacer for the hip pieces, and my leggings are distressed pleather and ponte from Mood. I did all of the patterning and sewing the nights before NYCC because it’s the only thing I’m quick at ????‍♀️ • ⏹ I think that about covers it! People always ask me, what is my favorite costume I’ve ever made and I’m always all “ehhhh” because I hate everything I do... But this, I’m actually proud of. Thank you guys for your kind response on my last post, I REALLY appreciate it! ????❤️ • #thor #thorcosplay #nycc #nycc2018 #marvelcosplay #genderbend #thorragnarok

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With the Hulk and Bruce Banner finally finding the equilibrium between themselves, we got to see more of the green giant in Avengers Endgame which gave the perfect excuse to cosplay as this superhero. created his own Hulk inspired look with lots of green body paint. He has definitely got the facial expression spot on! Whether you want to continue the green theme with Green Hulk Contact Lenses or want to try a more subtle style, this is sure to give you the perfect excuse to turn everything green.

Fans were certainly excited about Black Widow’s hair colour change for Avengers Endgame and so is @skyjuu. Perhaps one of the easiest Avengers Endgame costumes to recreate, you can definitely have fun by choosing which of Black Widow’s hairstyles you would like to choose. This is another chance to use natural contact lenses to match your eyes to the Black Widow character.

Our final hero is Hawk Eye. While he may not be the biggest character in the Avengers series, he does come into his own in the Endgame movie. As far as Avengers Endgame cosplay ideas go, Hawk Eye will give you the opportunity to create some cool action shots with your bow and arrow just like @fiftyshadesofcosplay.

Captain America Cosplay

There’s no need to stick to the costumes you saw on screen. If you have different Avengers cosplay ideas then let your imagination run free, just like this look from @fancymay_makeup. This Captain America Avengers cosplay features a spooky zombie twist – now that would have been a strange and unexpected plot twist! We love the direction Fancy May has taken her makeup style in.

We have only mentioned a handful of the characters that have hit the screens in the epic Avengers film series. Avengers costumes are sure to give you plenty of ideas for cosplaying. Who will you transform into for your Avengers Endgame Cosplay? Be sure to tag us in your Marvel looks on InstagramFacebook and Twitter!

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Avengers Endgame Cosplay : Makeup & Costume Ideas

Avengers Endgame Cosplay : Makeup & Costume Ideas

Avengers Endgame is breaking records at practically the same rate that Thanos extinguished half the planet! With a range of characters to choose from, talented MUAs have plenty of ideas on how to...

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