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Anime Coloured Contacts & Cosplay Conventions | Costume Ideas

Whether you’re new to Cosplay or Coloured Contacts, attending an Anime Cosplay Convention is a great excuse to show off new lenses. No matter who your favourite character is, these events are full of epic recreations from a community of fans that put every ounce of effort and talent into their looks.

Looking to use colored contacts for your next Cosplay? Then be sure to stick around and see some of the jaw dropping Cosplay posts created by our talented affiliates! Are you a Cosplayer that wants to collaborate with us and use our Cosplay contact lenses? Sign up to our affiliate page here!

Angiviper – World Cosplay Summit USA

Our affiliate and talented Cosplayer AngiViper has attended this year’s Anime Expo as well as featuring her breath-taking Cosplay at the USA World Cosplay Summit. Primarily showcasing her talent on her Instagram, she can also be found across other social media channels including Twitch and Twitter; but for the committed Cosplayers be sure to visit her website.

As well as Cosplay, Angi Viper is a talented seamstress who creates Cosplay garments as commission for other committed fans.  From classic anime to modern superhero costumes; Angi can design almost anything! Check out her commission portfolio!

In terms of Cosplay, the last week has been incredibly busy!  To prepare Angiviper we sent her an affiliate package featuring a bundle of Cosplay colored contacts. Check out her unboxing on her Instagram story here!


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???? No Need For Tenchi ???? ✖️✖️✖️ #worldcosplaysummitusa was quite possibly the most intimidating and overwhelming process I’ve ever taken on and considering the number of things that went wrong, time constraints and level of competition I couldn’t be prouder of what I put on stage. I gave this project everything I had and learned so much in the process. ???? ✖️✖️✖️ I want to thank my lovely partner @dressesandcapes for somehow managing to come out of this endeavor without hating me ???? @lordgarth6 and @johnvogeltanz for their constant patience as I continue to learn the world of electronics ???? #ShawnTheAlphaWolf for being the most patient and supportive best friend and roomie ever while I took over the living room and garage to build this monstrosity ???? @rare_props for sitting on my sofa watching 90s cartoons and gluing hair with me for like over 10 hours ???? And finally my family and besties @its_misskatt and @summoplex for not only believing I could do it but giving me the space I needed to make it happen. I don’t know what I did to deserve you ???? ✖️✖️✖️ Congratulations to Team USA 2019 @garnet_runestar @joshuahartdesign @garnethart_costumiers and Team 2020 @december_wynn @tecanoshinju @birdsofcosprey ???? I can’t wait to see y’all bring it at the finals! ???????????????? ✖️✖️✖️ Shout out to @dgnphotography for snapping this pic on my phone for us and to @colouredcontacts for sponsoring my lenses???????? ✖️✖️✖️ #cosplay #cosplaygirls #cosplayfamily #cosplaycommunity #ittakesavillage #ryoko #ryokohakubi #ryokocosplay #ayeka #ayekamasaki #ayekacosplay #tenchimuyo #tenchimuyocosplay #tenchicosplay #animecosplay #animeexpo #animeexpo2019 #wcsusa #angiviper #teamsakura

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One of the benefits of shopping Cosplay lenses with Coloured Contacts is our premium products, dedication to our customers and in depth care guides. Whether it’s 'How To Prepare Your Contact Lenses’ or ‘How To Read Your Prescription'; you can find all of our contact lens resources directly on our Care Guides Page.

But moving back to the amazing AngiViper, check out her latest Cosplay feature of Ryoko of Tenchi Muyo! . Featuring our Yellow Avatar Contact Lenses, the attention to detail in this Cosplay is incredible. Follow Angi to keep up to date her with amazing work!

Har_Fie – MCM Comic Con & Hyper Japan Official

If you can’t get enough of My Hero Academia, be sure to follow @Har_Fie. With his much loved representation of All Might with our Blue UV Contact Lenses, Harry has taken it one step further with his fantastic “Lemillion” Mirio Togato Cosplay. With many referring to him as their “Canon Mirio”, his Cosplay was an incredibly popular sight at this year’s MCM Comic Con! Check out his account here!

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“I WILL ALWAYS BE..... LEMIL-LION!!!!“ ——————————————————————————————————- Mirio Togata aka Lemillion is by far my favourite my hero academia character. I have really related to him throughout his time in the manga. I also want to thank you all for sponsoring me and allowing me to bring him to life in your eyes. ❤️Please #share and #comment With a friend.❤️ —————————————————————————————————— Huge thank you to the super talented photographers and editing team: @pixelwizardphotography It was a pleasure working with them to recreate these awesome images. —————————————————————————————————— Also as Promised I’ll send you a copy @riccofajardo —————————————————————————————————— Tags: #absworkout #funimationcosplay #wigs #art #cosplay #lemillion #lemillioncosplay #myheroacademia #myheroacademiacosplay #bnha #bnhacosplay #miriotogata #miriocosplay #miriotogatacosplay #har_fie

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If that’s not enough to get your My Hero Acamademia fix, make sure to head over to our dedicated BNHA Cosplay blog featuring the amazing Cosplay by Har_Fie and @InspectorLemonCosplay as Kirishima.

Heading to Hyper Japan this year? Whether you’re a fan of anime, manga or Japanese culture; this is a festival you cannot afford to miss. Pick up your Cosplay contacts and get ready to be involved! Take a look at Har_Fie’s Cosplay as Ban from Seven Deadly Sins Cosplay, where he announced his attendance for Hyper Japan

Fancy a DC Universe Cosplay for your next convention? Be sure to check out in her Poison Ivy suit using our green contacts. Or keeping with the green theme; see the awesome @C.X.Cosplay using our lenses for a Green Lantern cosplay below.

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This photo looks very artistically posed... when in reality I was falling into the Bush ???? always fun shooting with Eddie!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Swipe ⬅️ to see the full image!! ???? @foodandcosplay Cosplay made by me! ???? Wig from @imstylewigs Contact lenses from @colouredcontacts #poisonivy #poisonivycosplay #poisonivycostume #cosplayfun #cosplaylove #womenofcosplay #girlsofcosplay #dceu #dcgirls #dccosplay #dccosplayer #dccomics #cosplayshoot #cosplayphotoshoot #cosplaywig #cosplaymakeup #cosplayofinstagram #cosplaygirlsofinstagram #girlswhocosplay #harleyquinn #margotrobbie #gotham #cosplayofinstagram #instacosplayer #instacosplay #redhead #pamelaisley #batmancosplay #cosplayphoto #photoshoot

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No one forgets their first. This was my first serious attempt at cosplay and I haven't looked back since! ???????????? I have met great people and made even better friends. It's amazing to me how one choice can change the entire course of your life - for the good or the bad. Thankfully for me, it was the former. ???????????? Here's to new memories! ???? ______________________________ Character: Green Lantern Photo by @vaporphotography Contacts by @colouredcontacts Suit by @zentaizone ______________________________ #greenlantern #johnstewart #greenlanterncosplay #greenlaterncorps #photography #dc #dccomics #cosplayofcolor #cosplay #cosplayer #cosplaying #cosplayersofinstagram #blackcosplayersrock #cosplayphotoshoot #MaleCosplay #texascosplay

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Looking for ideas for your next Cosplay convention? Check out Har_fie’s affiliate profile from our Gallery here. Chosen your next Cosplay? Browse our gigantic Cosplay Contact Lenses section with styles anime, television and film pop culture characters here!

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Anime Coloured Contacts & Cosplay Conventions | Costume Ideas

Anime Coloured Contacts & Cosplay Conventions | Costume Ideas

Prepare for you next Cosplay with Coloured Contacts. With inspiration from some of Instagram's top influencers @angviper, @Har_fie and @Hannah_in.wonderland find out how you can incorporate contact...

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