Special Effects Monster Makeup: FX Freak Lookbook

Special Effects Monster Makeup: FX Freak Lookbook

We have been lucky enough to be working with fx_freak for the past few years and it has been incredible to see her becoming a fully-fledged SFX monster makeup artist. During lockdown she has been busy tagging us in a range of incredible SFX looks so we have created this Monster Lookbook to share her fantastic work.

If you haven’t already, make sure to follow her on Instagram and her other social media channels. We are sure you will enjoy her quirky videos and mind-blowing makeup. Without further ado, we give you the fx_freak Monster Lookbook!

Getting Into Green: Werewolf Colored Contact Lenses

Fx_freak has been exploring our green contact lenses. It all started with a fabulous St Patrick’s Day makeup look featuring our Werewolf Contact Lenses, then fx_freak did her thing and absolutely stormed away with creative ideas for our Green Werewolf contact lenses! Here is a selection of the insane looks she created using the Werewolf Contact Lenses, including the St Patrick’s Day Irish flag skull.

After trying out the lenses with her skull design, fx_freak took on film characters to show off our Werewolf Contacts and she absolutely nailed it!

Scar from the Lion King - as scar says himself ‘Long Live the King’. He may have been the baddy in the Lion King film but you have to admit he was terribly good at it. We love fx_freak’s take on this supervillain.

The Wicked Witch of the West (Elphaba) from the Wizard of Oz – To steal a word from Wicked fx_freak sure is ‘defying gravity’ with this awesome Elphaba look.

Beetlejuice – While Beetlejuice may be the ghost with the most the addition of the Sandworm to fx_freak’s look makes her the artist who’s the smartest. We are in love with this twist on the classic Beetlejuice.

The Mad Hatter from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland – We’re all mad here and we are all mad about fx_freak’s insane makeup skills at Coloured Contacts HQ.

Having had fun with green eyes it’s time to see how she switched it up to blue.

Baby Blues: Ice walker Colored Contact Lenses

Blue colored contact lenses come in a variety of costume designs but the most popular is the Ice Walker Contact Lenses. The Ice Walker lenses may give you the cutest baby blues but there is nothing cutesy about fx_freak’s badass makeup looks. She is truly in her own league with these insane SFX makeup designs. Check out how she styles our Ice Walker Colored Contact Lenses, below.

Fx_freak was so excited to try out our Ice Walker Contact Lenses that she created this spontaneous skull look. The lightning bolt design is electrifying and is perfect for combining with vibrant blue eyes.

Next, she tones down the blue body paint to a gorgeous dark shade paired with a silvery grey tone. This look is beyond description but it is giving us serious sci-fi vibes.

Fx_freak then heated things back up with a red devil look that gave a sensational contrast to the light blue of the ice walker lenses. And now she has got us counting down the days until Halloween.

Finally, inspired by the Tiger King, fx_freak went wild with this blue tiger design that is everything you needed to cheer you up during lockdown. Not only is fx_freak an incredible makeup artist her wonderfully expressive pictures can’t help but leave you smiling or in awe.

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Carole Baskin fed her husband to the tigers. #tigerking #tigerkingmakeup #makeup #tiger #paint #mehronmakeup

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Zombies and Monsters: Halloween Colored Contact Lenses

We know fx_freak is a fanatic of all things horror and Halloween – in fact, she calls herself a Monster Creator. So we couldn’t go without mentioning some of her unique monster creations. Here is a Lookbook of her recent looks featuring a variety of our Zombie and Halloween contact lenses.

The contrast between these two looks is astounding! From a creepy clown to the dainty Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas, both feature our Angelic Colored Contact Lenses.

This next look is an fx_freak original character called Zora and features a combo of our Angelic Colored Contact Lenses and Voldemort Colored Contact Lenses. Fx_freak often uses two different contact lens colors to create an even more unusual monster look and it certainly is effective!

There is something mesmerising about fx_freak’s melting ice cream look. From the detailed cone to the dripping effect – we also love this color combo as much as fx_freak does! For this look, she brings back the Ice Walker lens paired with a Pink UV Colored Contact.

One of the most classic contrasting designs is fire and snow. The blue and orange color scheme creates an incredible illusion of the clashing of the elements. We love the look of the flames creeping across to the snow side of this look. To complete her elemental transformation fx_freak has used an Ice Walker Lens and Voldemort Lens.

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland has made a second appearance in this Cheshire Cat inspired look. In contrast to her Tiger King look, fx_freak has paired Pink UV contact lenses with the blue SFX paint and we love the final result!

So it’s a big thank you from us to fx_freak for featuring our lenses in so many of her SFX makeup looks. We are astounded by the talent of Lauren A.K.A fx_freak and can’t wait to see her creating monster makeup for the movies one day!

Don’t forget to check out her socials and other incredible makeup looks via Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube.

Would you like to be featured by Coloured Contacts? Make sure to tag us in your Instagram posts, featuring our Colored Contact lenses so we can share your awesome looks too!

Want to become an affiliate like fx_freak? Send in your application here (Please note we have temporarily suspended our affiliates scheme due to COVID-19 so may not be able to get back to you straight away)

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Special Effects Monster Makeup: FX Freak Lookbook

Special Effects Monster Makeup: FX Freak Lookbook

Fx_freak has been busy creating awesome new monsters and characters which we have compiled into this Monster Lookbook!

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