Black Contact Lenses For Halloween 2020: Mini Sclera Madness

Black Contact Lenses for Halloween 2020: Mini Sclera Madness

Are you ready for Halloween 2020? Black contact lenses are sure to be your best way of getting the most super and spookiest look over the October months. We may not be able to party as much as we like, but there’s still no excuse not to get dressed up and into the spirit of the occasion! Whether you’re partying from home or looking to share some spooky looks on Instagram, there are plenty of reasons why you’ll love our black Halloween contact lenses.

Black Contact Lenses with Makeup Madhouse!

We were delighted to team up with the amazing Makeup Madhouse to help us showcase some of our very best contact lenses. We’ve got some fabulous images and videos of our best Halloween contacts that you could be putting to good use in time for Halloween 2020. Let’s take a closer look at her Black Mini Sclera feature which she has worked into a super spooky Lava Monster makeup look!

We love what Carrie has done with these monstrous looks. The blacked-out effect on the eyes heavily contrasts with the bright lava orange makeup and matches with the charred black makeup effect she has used. The black colour in the eyes leads to a soul-less looking creature that certainly is a spooky sight! We’re delighted to be using Carrie’s work across our platforms to promote this top range of coloured contacts. You may have already seen her work on our Facebook and Instagram channels. Take a look at our socials so that you too can come and join the party!


What Are Black Mini Sclera Lenses?

Black Mini Sclera lenses are a slightly larger style of coloured contact lens that can give the effect of a widened pupil. Reaching sizes around 15mm+, this lens will cover more of the whites of your eye for an even more impressive effect. Perfect for demonic, monstrous and pure evil looks. Commonly referred to as devil or demon contact lenses as the larger, lack of colour makes for an entirely soulless monstrous look.

We are pleased to offer Mini Sclera coloured contact lenses as a suitable alternative for the full-wide eye contact lenses. For some, these wider full sclera contact lenses can be a little too big and are much harder to insert than regular contacts. These smaller sclera contact lenses are much easier to insert and may provide an overall more comfortable experience for potential first-time users. The entirety of your eye may be covered. But that doesn’t mean you’ll have any less of an amazing effect. 

Black Halloween Coloured Contacts 2020

We’re ready to get your Halloween party started! We offer contact lenses at a competitive price with super-fast options for shipping. Our primary locations are the USA and the UK but there are plenty of shipping options which can help to get our contacts across the world. If you’re looking to save on your shipping, then please note that we have free shipping available for orders over $40.

You should also know that our lenses are from FDA approved brands which adhere to strict regulations on how they create and manufacture their contact lenses. This can give you peace of mind when it comes to shopping safely for contacts online. We also have optician verification options on the checkout, so you can get your prescription checked by your optician before you buy.

Want to try contacts virtually? Our virtual mirror is available for you to try out costume lenses on your selfies to give you an idea of just how amazing our contacts look when worn. If you want a little more fun on Instagram then we’ve got a brand new filter all ready for Halloween 2020. If you want to Try Halloween Eyes then you can use and share our filter on your Instagram stories! Watch out for ghastly ghost and scary spiders in the background! We’ve already had a great response from our influencers and followers and would love for you to try it too.

Are you ready to get started? Head over to our Black Contact Lenses section, or try out some of these related options:

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Black Contact Lenses for Halloween 2020: Mini Sclera Madness

Black Contact Lenses for Halloween 2020: Mini Sclera Madness

Are you ready for Halloween 2020? Get your black lenses all ready to start your costume planning and preparations. Mini sclera and monster styles available.

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