Get Robot Contact Lenses For Cyborg, Terminator and Bionic Costumes

Robot Contact Lenses: Bionic Terminator Eyes For Halloween

Coloured Contacts stocks a variety of Robot Contact Lenses that are perfectly suited for an android-tastic look. From Terminator inspired looks to cyborg eye contacts, whether your favourite robot movie is Transformers or RoboCop you can enjoy some awesome bionic eyes to complete your costume. Here are some of the costumes we think would look awesome with a pair of contacts:

  • Terminator
  • Cyborg
  • Transformers
  • Bionic

We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite bionic eye lens types for adding some mechanical madness to your look. So if you’re ready to give your appearance a reboot, read on!

Terminator Contact Lenses

Terminator Contact Lenses

We thought we’d start off with this style, seeing as though they are named after one of the most famous movie robots. Our terminator contacts come in a variety of styles so you can create your perfect mechanical alter-ego. From text styles to bionic contact lenses, you can take inspiration from Arnie's most famous quotes or enjoy creating your own robotic character. The Terminator robot eye contact lenses are demonstrated here, by @giselkauffmann. As you can see in order to create a robot style, you don't need to fully paint your face, some subtle details such as bolts and silver plates will be just as successful.

Mesh and Blind Contact Lenses

Robot Contact Lenses, Blind Halloween Lens

Mesh lenses and Blind lenses create a creepy robot style with ease, adding a chilling glazed-over effect to your eyes. They can help make you look calculating and robotic, assuring everyone that you’re all wires and hardware on the inside! Check out @makeup_by_rups for an idea on how to give this look a Halloween contact lenses twist. We stock the blind lenses in a number of colors, meaning that there’s really room to experiment with what mechanical look you’re after. We think that red robot contact lenses are one of the best choices because they contrast perfectly with metallic colors.

FX Cybernetic Eye Contacts

Bionic Robot Contact Lenses

@margo.horror_beauty demonstrates the amount of detail you can go into when painting a robot look. Her bodyart is absolutely amazing so if you want to have a go at creating a similar blue robot contact lenses look then browse our Manson styles. In this image, she is wearing the White Manson Contact Lenses which are also available as prescription robot contact lenses.

As you can see our terminator eye contacts are popular for creating robotic costumes and the great thing about robot costumes is you can wear them to any fancy dress event, not just Halloween!. So what do you think? Have you decided that robot contact lenses are just what you need in your life? Well then, be sure to tag us at all the usual places – FacebookTwitterInstagram. We would love to see your robotic counterpart.

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Robot Contact Lenses: Bionic Terminator Eyes For Halloween

Robot Contact Lenses: Bionic Terminator Eyes For Halloween

Robot Contact Lenses are a fun fancy dress style that can be used for both Halloween and other costume occasions. Choose from terminator, cyborg, bionic eye and cybernetic styles to create your own...

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