Black Coloured Contact Lenses: Monochrome World

Black Coloured Contact Lenses: Monochrome World

Are you living in a black and white world? Then you are sure to enjoy our range of black coloured contact lenses. If you love to stick to a colour theme or are looking for a way to make your eyes stand out then why not try some black color contacts.

The black and white range is the place to go to find quirky lenses and is generally dedicated to scary lenses. The black and white colours give a hollow stare that is sure to freak out your friends.

The word monochrome refers to using only black, white and grey but can also mean one colour. We are using it in the first sense of the word for this Gothic black exploration of lenses. Here we have all things scary, steampunk and angelic.

At Coloured Contacts we have black contacts cheap enough that everyone can have a go at dressing up. With so much choice you are sure to find the lenses that are just right for finishing your creepy look.

Black Coloured Contact Lenses UK And Beyond

If you are super creative why not pair your black color contacts with black and white makeup and outfit in order to turn yourself into a walking monochrome image. This would work especially well if you tried out a vintage steampunk style like @kyriskat. The Tick Tock Lenses are the perfect steampunk style contacts with delicate roman numerals and clock hands. The clock face is perfectly in keeping with the steampunk vibe of science fiction styling in a historical time period. So full steam ahead for the future of awesome dark coloured contact lenses!

For some more steampunk fashion with a spooky twist we have @loveleighlook. This steampunk skull look is seriously cool. With cogs around one eye and a clock face around the other, she has completed her look with the Skull Contact Lenses. This Gothic style contacts look as if she is giving you the black mark everytime you look into her eyes! We reckon this wouldn’t be out of place on a pirate ship. She may even be able to tell the future with this cool oracle vibe.

Now we are going to have a final look at something angelic. If you want to have an ethereal presence at your next costume party then this monochrome outfit is sure to wow the guests. @leo.magus has paired our Black Mini Sclera Lenses with a pure white outfit. The teardrop makeup effect leaves you wondering what thoughts are happening behind those full black coloured contact lenses. This spellbinding look could be yours with black coloured contact lens. No need to look any further to get your solid black contact lenses.

All Black Contacts Are Perfect For Halloween

We did promise you something scary and it doesn’t get much freakier than this look created by @nightterrorfx. This voodoo doll style makeup is so detailed and the Black Cross Halloween Lenses give a soulless look to this curious creature. Isn’t it amazing how people can transform themselves? This picture is sure to make you do a double take. Imagine the fright you would get upon meeting this voodoo doll on the streets at night! Our black color contact lenses are the perfect scaring tactic for your fancy dress Halloween outfit.

The Coloured Contacts range of black and white lenses is sure to rival Amazon and eBay. Our black and white coloured contact lenses are going to turn your eyes into mesmerising pools of darkness. Get your spook on with black coloured eye contacts.

If you decide a monochrome world is the one for you then why not share your pictures with us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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Black Coloured Contact Lenses: Monochrome World

Black Coloured Contact Lenses: Monochrome World

Are You Living In A Monochrome World? Then Check Out Our Black And White Contact Lenses!

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