Introducing Our Contact Lens Case Range

Introducing Our Contact Lens Case Range

You have heard us talking all about fashion colored contact lenses but just one small thing has been overlooked. Where are all you lovely people going to store your contact lenses? Luckily, Coloured Contacts now brings you a massive selection of colored contacts lens cases!

Animal Contact Lens Case

From cute to cool, we have got every variety of the best contact lens cases and some of our products even come as a contact lens kit to help you keep all your accessories in one place. These compact adorable little cases are perfect for storing one pair of lenses. Our cases will come in handy both as a prescription and non-prescription contact lens holder. Now let’s get to the important part! Which design will you choose? With plenty of variety you may just find yourself starting a contact lens case collection.

Animal Contact Lens Cases

Owl Contact Lens CaseOwl Contact Lens CaseOwl Contact Lens CaseOwl Contact Lens Case

With plenty of cute critters from the animal kingdom to choose from it is a challenge to pick out a favourite. The forever popular owl contact lens case is high on most people’s wish lists. This awesome bird lends itself naturally to the big eyed style of these contact lens cases. With a few colors to choose from this is sure to be your perfect pick. The screw top is cleverly hidden in the eyes. Think it sounds kinda creepy? Don’t worry, when your lens cases are undone it just looks like your owl is having a nap.

Just as practical as contact lens case barrel style, these screw top cases have the added fun of featuring funky designs. Their small flat shape means they are the perfect travel companions. So choose your favourite design for a funky contact lens travel case.

Cool Contact Cases

Cool Contact Lens Case

Are you too cool to carry around a little plastic pocket pet? Then maybe our simple yet stylish heart contact lens cases are more your style. This contact lens case is sure to be discreet in your handbag or bag, for those who don’t like other to know they wear contacts. It is important to always take a case with you when you are out and about just in case you need to unexpectedly take out your lenses.

We also have a handy range of Fish Contact Lens Cases. These ocean dwellers come as a complete kit. You will receive a screw top contact lens case holder, a pair of mini tweezers to help you keep your lenses sanitary, an insert wand so save you fiddling around when you are inserting your contact lenses and an outer box to keep all your accessories together.

Cute Contact Lens Case

Cute Contact Case

If you are looking to satisfy your sweet tooth then these cute contact lens cases in a cupcake design look good enough to eat. The cupcake cases are slightly chunkier than most of the other containers in our range but this also means they can stand up to a few little knocks. These frosting covered treats are sure to protect your lenses from damage. Coming in a variety of styles you can try a cherry on top, strawberry delight or gift wrapped bun.

Always remember that hygiene comes first with a colored contacts lens case. We already know the importance of keeping your lenses clean which also means the place you are storing them needs to be in tip top condition too! When storing 90 day or 1 year lenses in a contact lens case it is important to wash your contact lens case regularly with lens solution. Never wash with water because unwanted bacteria may increase your risk of eye infections. Cleaning your lens case is just as important as cleaning your contact lenses in order to prevent dust and bacteria build up. A routine clean ensures your lenses and case are always ready and safe for use. Contact lens cases are essential for ensuring your lenses and your eyes stay clean and healthy.

Shop contact lens cases at Coloured Contacts and discover a handy provider of contact lens cases uk and other countries. A contact lens case is the perfect add-on once you have finished shopping for lenses. Share your favourite contact lens cases with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Introducing Our Contact Lens Case Range

Introducing Our Contact Lens Case Range

Introducing our contact lens case range! Need somewhere to keep that new pair of colored contact lenses? From cute animal lens cases to cool travel holder kits, we have got the container for you.

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