Twilight Contact Lenses: Volturi, Aro, Bella & Edward Cullen Cosplay

Have a Killer Halloween Night with Twilight Contact Lenses

Twilight contact Lenses are colored contacts that are used for fancy dress and cosplay. These costume contacts are available in the golden Twilight eye color of the Cullen family or the bright red vampire lenses that are seen from the Volturi vampire coven.

Twilight: the moment when the day and night begin to blur together. It marks the beginning of the dark night. If you’re particularly observant you may spot some supernatural phenomenon during the twilight hours. It is an especially important time on the 31st of October, All Hallows Eve. Because the big night is less than 3 weeks away, we’re looking at some of our favourite colored contact ideas including the Twilight Contact Lenses from the acclaimed movie franchise. Whether you’re a massive fan or a die-hard hater, you have to agree that the Vampire eyes in the Twilight saga are incredibly cool. So if you’re looking to sparkle at your Halloween party, or just want a regular Vampire costume to look a whole lot scarier, check out some of these awesome ideas for colored contacts.

Twilight Red Contact Lenses

Vultori Contact Lenses Twilight Contacts

If you find yourself occasionally nibbling on your friends then you may feel right at home with a pair of red contact lenses for your vampire costume. The good news is that you can get the perfect twilight vampire eyes by wearing the Red Twilight Volturi Colored Contact Lenses giving you the blood red gaze of the deadliest mythological creature. If you’d prefer a darker red then the Red Voldemort Colored Contact Lenses are also a brilliant option. The rich colors of these contacts will definitely eclipse your natural eye color, making you the bloodthirsty monster you want to be. See of full range of red contact lenses here.

Twilight Yellow Contact Lenses

Twilight Yellow Contacts Crazy Clown Contacts

If you’re a Twilight buff you’ll know that not all Vampires have red eyes. In fact the Cullens have a special diet that causes their eyes to appear a golden yellow colour. So if you’re looking to grab a pair of golden contacts twilight style, you’ll love the amazing color of the Mad Hatter Colored Contact Lenses which feature a black outline to make the yellow stand out even more. But as you can see in the picture above, the yellow of the Cullens’ eyes has some amount of red, which means the Crazy Clown Colored Contact Lenses might be the best option for high quality attention to detail. See our full range of yellow contact lenses here, and check out our gold contact lenses for an even better finish!

Chocolate Brown Contacts 

You may be wondering which Twilight Contact Lenses Bella should be wearing and the answer is any of these. When Bella first turns into a vampire she has red eyes, but in time they turn into the yellow of a “vegetarian” vampire. Or you could always grab a pair of Chocolate Brown Tri Tone Coloured Contact Lenses for a human Bella costume. See more natural brown styles here.

Twilight Werewolf Contact Lenses

Yellow Twilight Contacts Orange Werewolf

Yes, we know that Jacob and his friends aren’t technically Werewolves, they’re shape-shifters, but there isn’t much different when it comes to the eyes. We’re talking of the transformed eyes, not just Taylor Lautner’s dreamy eyes. The Yellow Twilight Werewolf Colored Contact Lenses have a black and yellow design that will look perfect as part of Werewolf or Shape-shifting Wolf costume. Another great option is the Orange Werewolf Colored Contact Lenses that anyone in Team Jacob will appreciate. Both of these lenses use the cool trick of framing the lenses in a black ring so they stand out and become a key piece in your Halloween fancy dress costume. See our werewolf contact lenses here.

Other Vampire Contact Lenses

berserker contacts Black Mini Sclera Contacts Lestat

We understand that not everybody is a Twihard so perhaps you’ll be better inspired by one of these stunning Vampire Contacts ideas. One of our favourites is the Red White Bezerker Colored Contact Lenses which features a white lens with a blood red ring. Now you can go berserk on your Vampire costume and make it into something really special. You could also try the Black Mini Sclera Halloween Colored Contact Lenses which make your eyes into massive black holes, perfect for a remorseless Vampire who is on the hunt. Or for a more aristocratic look, try out the Blue Lestat Colored Contact Lenses for a dreamy, light blue lens. See more vampire contact lenses here.

Prescription Vampire Contact Lenses

Red Angelic Silver Glimmer

A devilish Vampire costume can often be undercut with a pair of glasses between your stunning eyes and the rest of your Halloween party. Now you don’t have to worry because we have plenty of styles in our Prescription contact lens section. A great example of some Vampire contacts prescription style is the Red Angelic Colored Prescription Contact Lenses which would definitely suit a blood-crazed monster. Another option that would definitely suit as prescription twilight contact lenses are the Silver Glimmer Colored Prescription Contact Lenses which have the perfect sparkle of a Twilight vampire.

So what do you think of our little list? Do you want to dress up a dangerous vampire or Shape-shifter? Are you team Edward or Jacob? Or team classic vampire? If you want more great ideas for Halloween, give us a like and follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram cause we’re always adding new ideas to our blogs.

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Have a Killer Halloween Night with Twilight Contact Lenses

Have a Killer Halloween Night with Twilight Contact Lenses

Add some extra bite to your Vampire costume. In this blog we look at some of the best contact lenses for those who want to dress up as Twilight characters for Halloween. With loads of options, it's...

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