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Let @f.ukuro inspire you next look with her Himiko Toga Cosplay featuring our anime contact lenses. Plus see more My Hero Academia Cosplay from our affiliates!


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Prepare for you next Cosplay with Coloured Contacts. With inspiration from some of Instagram's top influencers @angviper, @Har_fie and @Hannah_in.wonderland find out how you can incorporate contact lenses for a realistic cosplay.


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Avengers Endgame is breaking records at practically the same rate that Thanos extinguished half the planet! With a range of characters to choose from, talented MUAs have plenty of ideas on how to create the best Avengers Endgame Cosplay.


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Bring the Na'vi to life with blue body paint and yellow Avatar contact lenses. See how you could cosplay characters from Avatar and check out our affiliates' version of these sci-fi beings.


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The best way to add realism and finish off your Attack On Titan Cosplay is to use colored contacts. Check out our season 4 anime contacts styles and choose a pair to fit your favorite Survey Corps or titan shifter.
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