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The final season of Game Of Thrones is here! With it comes the rise of Instagram's best White Walker Cosplayers and Game Of Thrones cosplay ideas.


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In October 2018, we discovered some awesome new MUAs including @bleedinbeauty who shared a range of fab Halloween makeup looks with us. This talented affiliate has since gone on to create bright and bold SFX makeup, as well as some gorgeous natural looks.


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Natural colored contact lenses offer a breathtaking uplift to any look. We asked Enisa Ahmatović (Beauty With En/En_Angie) to give her colored contacts review on our newest natural contacts.


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We have been lucky enough to be working with MUA @ladyparadoxx for quite some time now. With plenty of experience in using contact lenses, we wanted to find out what she thought of our latest natural contact lens styles.


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Our talented affiliate Sarah Magic Makeup has created a variety of costume styles and creative makeup patterns while using our colored contacts. Check out this blog and see some of her gripping tutorials and detailed social media posts for makeup and cosplay inspiration.
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