About Us

We here at Coloured Contacts supply one of the most diverse and largest ranges of natural, UV reactive and fancy dress colored contact lenses you can find anywhere online. We're proud to have been trading in the latest colored eye fashion and hottest cosmetic accessories for well over 20 years.Our enormous wealth of experience is reflected in the high quality colored contact lenses we provide and our passionate and responsive customer services team that are always ready to help.

Whether you want a beautiful, natural and temporary change in eye color or a truly petrifying, Halloween eye transformation, we offer safe and comfortable colored contact lenses at affordable prices with uncompromised quality. 

Other Reasons To Choose Us:


Huge Variety Of Products

With a diverse range of everything from UV reactive contacts to our freaky Halloween colored contact lenses, we are the perfect place to find that finishing touch for your party or fancy dress outfits. We also offer stunning natural colored contact lenses for those that simply want to beautifully enhance or change their eye color temporarily. At Coloured Contacts we stock the following ranges:

  • Halloween Contact Lenses
  • Cosmetic Contact Lenses
  • Prescription Colored Contact Lensees
  • Toric Colored Contact Lenses For Astigmatism


Reliable Brands

At Coloured Contacts we pride ourselves on sourcing contact lenses from some of the industry's top contact lens brands, such as Air Optix, Freshlook and Chromaview to name a few. These industry-leading brands give our customers extra assurance that they are purchasing durable, high quality and safety-tested lenses at a competitive price. At Coloured Contacts safety is our highest priority, so rest assured that our products are FDA Approved and CE marked. 


Various Wear Durations Available

The colored contact lenses we offer come in a plethora of wear durations to suit any and every need you might have. With durations ranging from 1 day (single-use), 30 days, 90 days to a staggering 1 year, you can rest assured we've got you covered. Whether you are looking for a pair of disposable, single-use colored contact lenses to wear for a one off event or a pair of 30 day natural colored contacts, we'll have the pair for you.

As well as our non-prescription styles we also provide prescription variations for our leading natural and Halloween contact lenses. Available in a vast variety of specific prescription variations and durations, you can take full advantage of the enhanced comfort and durability from our prestigious brands.


The Right Lenses For You

When buying Coloured Contacts it’s important to get the right lenses for you. Starting first with your required specification and duration; following through to the design. When shopping in the Coloured Contacts store you can take advantage of unique features such as our Lens Comfort & Transparency Scale and our Virtual Mirror. These features provide added information to our customers so they can choose a pair of lenses with the correct fit and desired effect.


Friendly & Helpful Customer Service Department

Our team of customer service representatives are always on hand via telephone, email or post and will be happy to assist in any way they can. Please visit our Contact Us page to call or leave us an email enquiry via our online form. 

Need to make a return? We offer a quick and easy returns policy, which requires the customer to contact us directly.  We will promptly deal with any queries you may have. Visit our Returns & Exchanges policy for more information. 


Quick Delivery Options

When shopping for colored contact lenses online, you can enjoy our convenient fast and reliable delivery service. Whether you’re ordering in preparation for a party or are in desperate need of a last minute Halloween accessory; we can offer a variety of shipping options to meet your exact requirements. Find out more information on our Delivery Options here.


Rare, Unique & Unusual Designs

At Coloured Contacts we boast a selection of specially printed designs. Everyone’s taste is different which is why we offer a variety of lens designs within our ranges of Natural, Halloween and Cosplay contact lenses.  The premium brands we offer provide unusual and more obscure lens designs that feature everything from mesh & screen patterning, true animal eye replications to natural designs. So whether you want dragon, snake or specific character contact lenses, our store can easily provide vibrant and cost effect lenses to suit your needs.


Safety First

Whether it’s for an annual party or event such as Halloween, or everyday wear; safety is always a top priority. When shopping at Coloured Contacts you can rest easy that the lenses you buy feature premium FDA approved and CE marked ratings. Once you’ve received your lenses we can continue to provide assistance with our list of Care Guides that contain useful information such as ‘How To Prepare your Contact Lenses’ and ‘How To Insert Colored Contacts’.  Find out more in depth information from our Contact Lens Care Guides page.