About Us

We here at Coloured Contacts supply one of the most diverse and largest ranges of natural, UV reactive and fancy dress colored contact lenses you can find anywhere online.

We're proud to have been trading in the latest colored eye fashion and hottest cosmetic accessories for well over 20 years. 

With this enormous wealth of experience, our range of high quality colored contact lenses and our passionate team, we're positive you'll find exactly what you need to complete your desired look.

Whether you want a beautiful, natural and temporary change in eye color or a truly petrifying, gruesome eye transformation, we have the colored contact lenses that you'll need, at an affordable price you'll love.

Other Reasons To Choose Us:

  • Huge Variety Of Products. 
    With everything from fast response UV reactive lenses to our freaky Halloween colored contact lenses, we are the perfect place to find that finishing touch for your party or fancy dress outfits. We also offer stunning natural colored contact lenses for those that simply want to beautifully enhance or change their eye color temporarily.

  • Reliable Brands. 
    At Coloured Contacts we pride ourselves on sourcing contact lenses from some of the industry's top cosmetic brands, such as Eyefusion, MesmerEyez and Eyecasions to name a few. These industry-leading brands give our customers extra assurance that they are purchasing durable, quality and safety-tested lenses at a competitive price.

  • Various Wear Durations Available.
    The colored contact lenses we offer come in a plethora of wear durations to suit any and every need you might have. With durations ranging from 1 day (single-use), 30 days, 90 days to a staggering 1 year, you can rest assured we've got your covered. So whether you are looking for a pair of disposable, single-use colored contact lenses to wear for New Year’s Eve or a pair of 30 day natural colored contacts to match a hair color change, we'll have the pair for you.

  • Friendly & Helpful Customer Service Department. 
    Our team of customer service representatives are always on hand via telephone, email or post and will be happy to assist in any way they can. We offer a quick and easy returns policy, which requires the customer to contact us directly, and will promptly respond to any queries or complaints.

  • Quick Delivery Options. 
    One of the most convenient things about using Coloured Contacts when shopping for colored contact lenses online, is that our delivery service is fast and reliable; so you can get your new coloured lenses delivered straight to your door in no time!

  • Rare, Unique & Unusual Designs
    At Coloured Contacts we boast a selection of specially printed designs. These unusual and more obscure designs feature everything from mesh & screen patterning, deep animal eye replications to rare symbol printing. So whether you want dragon, crow, snake or something much, much darker, we're sure to have it.

  • Extreme Eye Alterations
    For those that really want to rock an unusual look, we have blind, sclera and other colored contact lenses that mask the existing pupil and entire eye, creating an entirely altered eye appearance.